Monday, May 04, 2009

Si Fu Lawrence & Bagaholic Tracie

Disclaimer: All pics in this post were stolen fr
1) God of Eatery aka GOE (Nikon)
2) Moomba-ing Augustine (Nikon)
3) YWLiew (Nikon)
4) JS (Leica)
*dun ask me which models...I'm a camera idiot*
we reached the church at 9.30am....
bride nor groom nowhere to be found
guests have yet to arrive...
we were wondering if it was the right church or not. :P
JS, Monkey, Bagaholic Tracie, I Ching
when the bride was found....everyone was queue-ing to snap pic with her
more like no queue...just grab and snap pic only lar.
when u are inside....behave!!!!
GOE came with all his gears...
look at his lenses with tripods and all....
and he's not even the photog of the day... serious
Si Fu Lawrence and Bagaholic Tracie in her Vera Wang :))))))))))))
apa tengok-tengok?
kenot tengok the groom so I tengok book
after reading a few pages....I knew i was goin to cry later

"Baby.....if u see me cry later..can u gimme 2 tight slaps???
Father James T: "Lawrence and Tracie, have you come here freely and without reservation to give yourselves to each other in marriage?"
"Lawrence & Tracie, since it is your intention to enter into marriage, join your right hands and declare your consent before God and his church"
Si Fu: "......*paused for a while coz forgot his line.....sigh -_-*"

"I, Law-Lawrence....take.....take you be my my wife. I........... promise to be true..... to you in good times........ and in bad, in sick-sickness and health....I will love you....... and honour you all the days of my life........." that time I was crying like nobody's biz.....
Law's Sister - Jennifer was already in tears
Si Fu: "Tracie....take this ring as a sign of my love and the name of the Father and the Son.....and the Holy Spirit."

more tears....and more tissue......
*sob sob sob sob sob sob sob*
Sister Elaine and Sister Jennifer were all teary eyes with Rudolph noses

*and so did this monkey*

**lucky no pics of me crying!!!!!*

Father James" Lord, bless and consecrate Lawrence & Tracie in their love for each other............"
the unity candle
Father James: "May the candle remind you, Lawrence & Tracie...od the dicine sancity of the bond of marriage, which both of you freely partake in."
Father James: "The flames of your candle....symbols of your own lives....will no longer burn as two separate flames but as one flame...symbolising your unity and oneness in each other and in the Lord."
Bagaholic Tracie's father....with the rest of the family members...
pic of the day!!!!
*and this monkey cried for a while 60 minutes inside the church*

theme for gents = colourful shirts, hence the comeback of all the hawaiian shirts
and for ladies = sundress
the paparazzis of the day...they were not the OFFICIAL photogs of the day but still scary
this one lagi SCARY
I supposed u need to train them young?
anyway together-gether they were one helluva scary photogs!!!
on that day, there was only one official photog hired by the Yeows
ex colleagues...
Fionna, Monkey, Si Fu Lawrence, I Ching
and this Monkey came out red nose.....
JS: "dun cry dun cry....come I sayang back."
"why didn't u gimme 2 tight slap just now?"

then all of us headed for luncheon..
wat's inside the box???
chocolates cupcakes~~~~~~
J&J Jelina!!!
hope you had a great trip in Milan :)))))
Wei Nee & Munchy *in his new hair*
when Munchy came over to say hi....nobody can recognise him....
with his funky *erected* hair :D
the Chooks :))))
GOE....he said it's finally time to have a drink!!!
Group pic :))))
Bagaholic Tracie and Si Fu Lawrence with his signature "apa u tengok tengok" pose
Mrs. Boon, Bagaholic Tracie, Si Fu, Moomba-ing Augustine
with GOE and Amy
I was still crying when goin thru the pics

such an emotional and passionate wedding
next time I'll bring a truckload of tissue...
so pai seh had to ask ppl for tissue :P

Many Many CONGRATULATIONSSSSS to both of you!!!!


Tsu Lin + + said...

Thx Cherry for the account. The photos look beautiful, wish I could be there.

As I told Lawrence,"What do you say to someone who has everything?? Just my sincerest & most heartfelt congratulations to you, and the new Mrs Lawrence Yeow. May you be blessed with eternal bliss.. :)"

They truly have found each other.

CHER-RY said...

TL: yes it was really really beautiful :))))))))))