Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hi tea at Peninsula

after walking miles and miles inside the same mall
the monkey feet gave way
it was screaming "need drinks.....need to sit down....need massage!!!!"

JS was so so so so so sweet and brought Monkey plus the tired feet
for hi tea in Peninsula at Siam Paragon.
it's a lil corner inside the haute couture section of Siam Paragon
facing jewelries and timepieces boutiques
being me...I chose the table opposite Patek Phillipe
first thing that caught my mind............

ONLY 380 baht = RM 38?!?!?!?!?!!?


"We order 2 different sets ya!!!"
JS: "No no no u go ahead...I'll just have my coffee"
and then it CAME!!!!!

"shall we get this nice 3 tiered set for our new place?"
JS: "to serve????"
"for our very own hi tea on Sunday afternoons!!!!!!"

JS: -_- "who's gonna make all those oooo-aaaaa-so-nice stuffs to put on it????"
"ME ME ME ME!!!! I WILL!!!?
JS was not convinced -_-

JS: "U???? making them??????? wat are u gonna make?"
"heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee got lar"

JS -_-"
"Got got I'll go buy karipap, kuih koci, pisang goreng, vadai.........and"
before I could finish...JS already destroyed my dream of having my very own set
the plan was a no go for him :((((((((((((((
strawberry jam, devonshire cream, lemon curd which was the best!!!
butter raisin scones with parmesan butterfly
the scones were so buttery and soft!!!
in fact I dun eat scones....i hate scones...but not this one
oh yum yum yum....both JS and me were fighting over 2 lil scones
cucumber finger sandwiches, italian ham roll, smoked salmon roll
the beauty of Thailand is....
oh heaven!!!
rose macaroon was very good, the rest I'm not too keen
not a sweets person
but the berries meringue was really good
I was so curious as in the stacking system of the berries
how in the world.....

anyway I'll come back again for the other different menu of hi tea


js said...

ไม่แพง=mai paeng=not expensive
which implies paeng=expensive but in chinak paeng=cheap.....now it's getting damn complicated!!!

CHER-RY said...

JS: dai...dai....dai...