Saturday, April 04, 2009

Thean Chu

Thean Chu is a very famous coffee house in Ipoh
with local delights serve fr early morning till evening.
and it's alwiz full...
we came it about 3pm and yet need to find a table.
Velvety Hor Fun noodle in chicken stock and prawns
this was actually sotong kangkung
with a different sauce that we get in KL
I didn't like this one coz it's sweet instead of savory.
Pork and chicken satay with innards
it's pretty weird here....the serving is standard
and they will only charge u for wat u ate. wat do they do with the balance???
the satay sauce has pineapple innit :)))
fat juicy Ipoh beans sprouts
this was the best
simple Ipoh chee cheong fun with sauces and pickled green cilies
the flat rice noodle were so smooth and velvety
I can have this everyday :))))

Later after the above lunch,
we went and bought 5 salt baked free range chicken
:D I finished one whole chicken on my own.
sorry no time k?


js said...

it's at the jalan Kampar roundabout:)

CHER-RY said...

JS: I forgot..:P