Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Haji Samuri Kajang Satay

GAWD....I am so sick and yet I am craving for Haji Samuri's satay.
2 weekends ago, Monkey had the same craving and decided to head down to Kajang

Checked with Nee Lee for direction since Kajang is her territory
wrote it down in a piece of paper...followed the exact direction
and yet we took a different way to reached down.
-_-" failed....
"U know I wanna go to this Haji Jol satay."
Nee Lee: "Who is Haji Jol?"

"There....the most famous satay in Kajang!!!!"
Nee Lee: "There is no Haji Jol...only Haji Samuri >_<"

"ooohh....then who is Haji Jol?"

Back at home:
"Who is Haji Jol? He sounded so familiar."
JS: -_- "Haji Jol is my dealer in XXX" of his client. :P
no wonder :P
the peanut sauce was still pipping hot when served on the table
chili oil
add the desired amount
mix em and voila!!!
this place came a long way
now it's so spanking clean with air cond
we were there at 5.30pm and thought it was too early
but the place was already quite packed
every table seemed to be ordering this so we had one each
Ais Batu Campur aka ABC
the condiment to be eaten with the satays
u have to specially request for onions,
otherwise it will never come.
after waiting for about 25 minutes
the whiff of freshly grilled satay made us happy again
and JS's Cow stomach satay
I tried one and it was not too bad
aaAAAAaaaa Heaven!!!!!
however I like em this way..
a lil bit ketupat, one small slice of cucumber and a slice of onion with the meat
dunked em in the peanut sauce and WHAMP!!!!
Later Monkey & JS walked into the kitchen
the satay boys gladly posed for us.....
and told us to "wait wait...lemme show u something then u snap pic ok."

Hah!!! I managed to capture that and felt the heat too
sooooo delicious

Mr. JS shall we have satay again soon????
I promised my throat will be good by then

Haji Samuri Kajang Satay,
Satay Centre *next to the Stadium*
3764 Jalan Saujana,
Sg Ramal Dalam,
Tel: +603 8926 5624


aisan said...


licheng said...

ya, i was gonna say 'very ill, but still go eat satay - heaty stuff ah'?

js said...

monkey sick also can eat chilly, nasi lemak, cold fizzy coke, etc.....liddat how to get well the way she kena this strong cough mixture from doc and konk out since yesterday....guess that's the only way to get her to rest and stay away from chilly, nasi alamak, etc!! :)

CHER-RY said...

Ais: YES shall we plan for one lunch there??? fr Putrajaya very near only :P

Kindy Chai: it was a week before I fell sick. :(

JS: wei kesian me lar..I konked out like a corpse.