Friday, April 17, 2009

Her World Women Awards

it was Her World Women award nite
a night to recognise the achievements of women to the society
Mommy Jacky & Baby Wei
Baby Wei kept on wailing: "Heeeey I'm the youngest guest here!!!!"
yes yes yes yes we know

so I am training u while u are still young :P
just dun let me be a bad influence to u kay?
Baby Wei, Sexay Back Maggie, Monkey
Monkey was just wondering when will she be nominated for such award
bluek!!! :P

the only contibutions I've made would be:
emission of harmful gasses
and drive the economy with my puchases and shopping

so kenot make it
how to be nominated????
Syafinaz performed a few numbers in a beautiful Fendi dress
then my eyes shifted to her stilettos...
if there's an award for party queen pls nominate Sexay Back yea
and for Monkey....
kekekeke Makan Queen :P
and maybe sleeping Queen
and shopping Queen of coz

I sense that my readers are about the fall off their chairs


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Monkey! Hey, u definitely deserve the award ok? Coz u r living the lifestyle that every woman dreams of! I know I am!


CHER-RY said...

Elly: lovely to hear from u again Elly. :) No..I didn't win anything..was just a guests there :P hehehehehee