Thursday, April 16, 2009

Of Sacrifices

everyone knows this Monkey is not a willing person
esp on letting go her fav stuffs
or giving way to others!!!

but I did this round

U know it's getting too much when:
1) there's no more space to store your indulgences
2) u lost count of how many of it u have
3) u spent your *almost* entire $$$$ on it
4) and u buy it by the truckload
5) and you whole life revolves around it

I'm not talking bout myself!!!
it's Mr. JS -_-

this will be the 1st time I am complaining bout his wine purchases
there's no more room to store his wines
and he's now renting a place overseas to store em

"baby...I am willing to stop buying BAGS but in return u must stop buying wines!!!"
JS: *wide eyed......speechless*

"I am serious!!! I am willing to let go my indulgence if u..."
JS: "NO"

the answer was fast and precise

JS never says no to Monkey
if it's a NO means that's the final NO

JS: "I'm buying them FOR YOU!!! so that u have good wines to drink"

I fell of my chair.
Looking at the rate he's goin...we'll have enuff supply for a life time.


js said...

......for those who have tasted wine will never drink wine again...but instead you will taste secrets....
very philosophical after china trip....hehe!!

CHER-RY said...

JS: trying to defend yourself huh? go drink chinese tea instead!!!!