Monday, April 20, 2009

Davidoff's first boutique....

Baby Wei, Hot Babe Shen, Monkey, Beautiful CS
it was the launch of Davidoff world's only and very first boutique
speaking of that, just realised I didn't snap pic of the boutique
Tan Sri with Davidoff's CEO who's sooo German
and bimbo me speaking french to him
-_-" failed

yea still reminding myself that he's fr Basel
Switzerland is divided to 3....sandwiched in between France, Germany and Italy
so the closer u are to any of those countries...your culture and language are influenced by them.

Off topic:
When I was in Switzerland on a train ride
it passes by from the "German" part to the "french" part

and so did the computerised annoucement in the train

speaking German then french after the train crossed towards the french part

made me O_O

so confused coz I was looking fo L'aeroport
when all they have were Flughafen
*wat the f*** is Flughafen????*
**it's airport my dear**
Tan Sri proudly showing his Davidoff belt
"Look Look I am also wearing Davidoff"
Peakie D and her Gastronomic Hubby

Peakie D: "Sage is Monkey's canteen."
"It's not my canteen time i'll take u to a real canteen."
Beautiful CS, No-Longer-Available JH, Hot Babe Shen
The middle one is a mannequin
but u kenot touch him
nor stand too close
see!!! told ya he's a mannequin
Baby Wei was poking the mannequin
didn't your mama teach u not to poke at ppl?
but hey it's a poke sumore :P
*poke poke poke*
Macho Mani also came despite his hectic schedule
oh man u better come before someone Sweet and Devilishes whip u
Monkey, Hot Babe Shen, Sweet Devil Rachel - host of the nite, Baby Wei
Beautiful CS: "Come take pic of the two new bestfren!!!"
enjoy your trip to Sweden Shen....
Celeb Photog Bonnie was directing Monkey on the right angles.

Celeb Photog Bonnie: "No Not Like THIS!!! move back back back!!!! Too Close!! Too Far!! Come BACK!!!!"
okie now satisfied???
this is wat happen when u are taking pic for a professional photog!!!!
then Celeb Photog Bonnie said this is how u snap pic :P

"Wait wait wait my Miu Miu Bag."
*everyone faints*
Bernie C: "wait wait my HAIR"

then we viewed the pic
"NO!!! we don't want legs!!!"

Bernie C: "Come I used the same camera too....Lemme take"
Voila!!!! Bernie is a cam-whore too -_-
Monkey, Bernie C, Baby Wei
She was emcee-ing for the nite
I was pat poh-ing for the nite
Battle of the "who's the youngest"
hey Hot Babe Shen...u no longer the youngest lar...
and will never be at your new company :P
just grow old graciously ok?

Thank u to the host for the partay

tonite got Raoul -_-

can somebody carry me there?

Adorn Floor, Starhill Gallery,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

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