Friday, April 10, 2009

Jade Palace, Forum Singapore

Si Fu Lawrence highly recommended this place
All of us were so skeptical coz it's chinese :P
anyhow we walked fr Marriott to Forum
which was like 8 minutes away.
appetizer to jump start our taste bud
crispy roast pork which was so thin
it has enuff fat, meat and the cripsy top
complemented by this grand cru De Sousa & Fils champagne
who brought this???
next was the braised french foie gras and tofu which melts in your mouth
nyek nyek nyek roast duck
and my fav part has go to be...............
I know it's rude to snap pic of ppl when they are enjoying their food
but I sooooo got to post it here to show u how delicious were the food
J&J Jelina with Si Fu Lawrence
must be imagining themselves in paradise or something
Prince C & I Ching with Monkey busy chomping away
notice the number of burg glasses?
line up of burgs and champagnes
cripsy deep fried frogs leg with fried ginger shavings
the legs were crunchy on the outside and velvety on the inside
next was soup of the day
some fish with some herbal root soup
J&Js: James & Jelina were listening to the wine notes
Doc was explaining on cholesterol level in each type of food
Doc: "example an egg = 200, foie gras = 330, pig's brain = 2,500...but u only need 230 a day"
as Doc was still explaining this superb dish was served
steamed Alaskan crab with egg white
fr the background I can still hear Doc: "the complications of stroke are.....yada yada yada"
I had so much :P
and Doc was still: "and smoking increases your risk many folds...therefore....yada yada yada"
use this pair of sciccors :D
Doc: "Therefore I highly recommend that u ppl go for a CT scan to check your body entirely."

everyone gulped

Doc: "It doesnt mean that thin ppl won't get stroke, high cholesterol, yada yada yada yada"
Doc: "but WINES are reduce the risk of heart disease but BAD for your liver and brain."
sigh....I was too busy slurping on these :P
claypot grouper with bittergourd
stems of some kind of vegetables
it was very yummy
the remainder of the fish were made into a yummy porridge
this wat tan hor almost throw me off my seat
it deserves a standing ovation
with nothing innit except eggs and more eggs
I only had this much coz Chef made only 1 person's portion for 12 of us
durian mochi :)
with REAL durians inside
then came the crispy yam pancake
it was so good, I Ching bought a lot home
savoury and sweet at the same time
when we were about to leave...I saw these tanks near to the entrance of the place
oysters anyone???
this place is definitely the best cantonese restaurant in Singapore
we must come again yea!!

Jade Palace Seafood Restaurant,
BB1-13, The Forum Shopping Mall,
Orchard Road, Singapore
Tel: +65 6732 6628


S-kee said...

you... i will never want to read your blog when it's supper time.. coz i am not having any...


Tsu Lin + + said...

I m literally in tears... looking at the food - the durian mochi took the cake. (As in, tht was the breaking point for me)

WAHHHH! I miss the days of wine/whine & dine with Lawrence too. :(

Haven't you guys heard of recession???

CHER-RY said...

Mee Mee: Yes u better not read this blog whenever u are hungry...coz it's alwiz bout food or food related stuffs. :P

TL: the durian mochi was superb for a non durian eater like me. :P

His wedding is next weekend. :)
Recession or not we still need to eat rite?