Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ri Yakitori, The Gardens

We waited for quite some time for Ri-Yakitori
to officially opens its door
*u can't alwiz crash into ppl's restaurant when it's not ready rite?*
it has a very zen ambience overlooking the city
we sat at the counter overlooking the cooking area
the menu :)
first page of the menu was a cockerel
yes JS almost fainted at this point
all chicken chicken CHICKEN chicken
complimentary vege sticks with a special miso sauce
think this was daikon with soyu
JS had beef tongue and wagyu
wagyu was really good with a small piece of fat
jap salad recommended by Jason which was so delicious
my crunchy can die crispy chicken skin
I had two...and wanted more :P
chicken wings with teriyaki sauce and chicken meatball
chicken thigh with leeks
foie gras and strawberries....who've thought!!!
so yummy!!!!
brinjal with bonito flakes
this was really good - knees of chicken
it has this crunchy texture with the tendon
nice bamboo bowl
leave all your used yakitori sticks there
yakitori of japanese was so sweet
chicken meatball soup
the meatball has some good amount of fat :)))))))))
complimentary fr Chef - seasonal pickled jap vege
I like this ginger flower
crunchy and refreshing
complimentary of minced chicken in soyu and sesame seed with stewed chicken gizzards
it has this chinese herbal egg nose
sweet the skewer
coz we munched on it then forgot to snap pic..
*no...I didn't spit that out*
we were early and the place was still unoccupied
later we met some of the customers-whom-we-alwiz-bump-into-at-fine-dining-places
yes....KL is such a small place...

Off topic:
There's this jap couple whom-we-alwiz-bump-into that we are now friends
Someone needed his carbo - garlic fried rice
this one bought at Sage Restaurant
oh this place is also run by the same group, same ppl.jap tofu with mushrooms
fragrant sesame ice cream served with mochi
churned fr the Sage's kitchen
*since they have the ice cream machine*
my macha ice cream with a dollop of red bean paste
Chef Norio was busy grilling sticks and sticks of yakitoris
he's extremely super duper SHY
this was the one and only pic that he caught me snapping
yes one and only among 30 pics I took of him :P
he must be thinking I'm some kinda freak

this will be my next regular makan place
:))))))))))) eppy eppy got new place dy..

Level 7, The Gardens Hotel,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: errrmm.....I usually call Jason of Sage to book :P


neil said...

who on earth eats chicken TRACHEA?!

(nice to have you back Bee Ree... hugs!)

licheng said...

yakitori..yum yum..definitely my favourite at izakaya's :)

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: erm next time I'll try it to kill your curiosity and will blog bout it.

yes good to be back for a day. Am flying off tmrw :P

Kindy Chai: When are u coming back? I missed u so much ok!!!!!

qwazymonkey said...

High-5 fellow monkey!

CHER-RY said...

Fat Monkey: Thanks for dropping by *5 :))))) Long live all the monkeys who eat like there's no tmrw!!!