Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Carol's Birthday

It was a an early celebration for Rol Rol at California's pizza KLCC
everyone was texting me to tell me they will be late or they couldn't find any parking
*thanks to PC fair*

Monkey has no excuse to be late, coz KLCC is her territory and home is like 3 mins away.

"yea yea go to P3 near to Menara maxis, plenty of parking there!!!"

"yes yes I know...no parking...go to P3 at Menara Maxis side...got parking there."

"Yes I know wat u mean....go down to P3 yada yada yada yada......"
AAAHHH Baby Jayden is all grown up...the last time I saw him
he was only 1 month old :P
he's only 10 months old now but looked much older and so inteligent
come here sure ler eat pizza....BBQ sauce chicken pizza
SAP Su San ordered some tomato soup which tasted like Tortilla soup
bluek :P
I forgot the name of this pasta :)
caesar salad with a whole lot of chicken breast
Ass Kickin Vonne: "Learn to call me Leng Lui now.....LEeeengggg Luuiiiii!!!"
hey dun scare Baby Jayden off!!!!
oh no
Baby Jayden, Mommy Connie, Ass Kickin Vonne, Chan Lu
everyone with their sparkling teeth smile including Baby Jayden
he has got 6 lil tooth
Monkey, Rol Rol the bday gal, SAP Su San
tiramisu is not bad here
the apple crumble pie was a disppointment
too sweet
it was like eating sugar

Happy Birthday again Rol Rol
I just checked Google Earth
my new home is sooo gonna be near to your place

California Pizza
1st Floor, Suria KLCC
Kuala Lumpur.


licheng said...

man, i miss hanging out with you guys!

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: Yes u faster come back!!!