Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Club Chinois, Singapore

Club Chinois is fully booked till June 09 for its Sunday Dim Sum
till June 09???????????
well that's wat Doc told us
thanks to its UOB card promo.....
this buffet is only SGD 38 and the 2nd person eats free
so it was a one for one offer :)))))
braised duck of my favourite.
it was tender and full of flavour
spicy cold jellyfish for appetizer
this was the braised duck's tongue with spicy sauce and sesame
everyone said it was so tasty but I didn't touch any
BBQ succulent pork
roast duck
another appetizer of clams in spicy & sour sauce
deep fried fish with special sauce
another specialty of fish cooked with ginger and spring onions
deep fried white bait with lotsa garlic
stir fried beef in peppery sauce
freshly steamed prawns
I think in total we had 5 plates :P
they also served shark fins soup
where the heck can I find a 38 bucks one for one buffet in town with shark fins??
one for one, meaning 19 bucks per head
chicken wrapped with I forgot wat :P
i think this was pork
Finally some VEGE!!!!
forgot wat was this again
the dishes came non stop and I was so busy snapping pic :P
dumplings :)))))))))
chee cheong fun
i think this was salmon
a funky lamb
fusion of chinese and indian....can taste the cardamon and all the indian spices innit
and we had a Echezeaux by MM
it's alwiz a grand cru baby....
so wat happen to the 1st cru wines in the fridge??? throw away? cook????
fried noodle with very good "wok hei"
Doc & Emily were the host for this lunch....
thank u :))))))
their faces = passport to gain entry to this place
Shawn & Li-Ann grow a few inches everytime I see them
kids never stop growing huh?
well if u consider them kids...but I think they are young adults
J&J James, Si Fu Lawrence & Doc
I Ching & Prince C
then it's time for dessert
lemongrass jelly is a must have hee...
so refreshing :))))))))and coffee of coz :)
Club Chinois,
1 Tanglin Road,
Ochard Parade Hotel,
#02-18 Singapore.
Tel: +65 6834 0660

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