Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sofia's Valaoritou Cafe, Athens

Sofia's cafe is just 10 steps away fr Louis Vuitton
12 steps fr Prada
15 steps fr Tods
25 steps fr Chanel
17 steps fr Dior
*okie enuff*

so it makes a good place to enjoy your coffee/meal
after all the heavy activities
everywhere in Greece, they prefer to use table "coaster" with their own branding
made fr disposable paper of coz
lurve their grain bread and bread sticks
Canelloni is not Greek but Italian
with spinach and cheese stuffing
served with tomato basil sauce and balsamic dressing
totally light and yummy...not heavy as wat u think
Aragula salad with pine nuts and shavings of parmesan
another garden salad with grilled feta cheese
I ordered a frappe
Frappe is a GREEK's invention
invented in GREECE of coz
they used good greek ice cream instead of milk
to share with everyone :)
this one was certainly rich and creamy and super YUM
as we ate, we were somewat entertained by this gypsy
some may be illegals!!!
if u pay them....they will LEAVE
If u dont.......u'll get FREE BAD entertainment.
nearby a florist was selling mistletoes
weather was so lovely hence our dress code was so casual..

but a few days later,
temperature dropped and we have to wear like any snobbish Kolonakians
with scarves, knee-high boots, wool parisian caps, leather gloves,
armani trench coats *I hate Burberry*

anyway Kolonakians wear that even if the temp is 18 or 8.
Couchie George, So wat are u wearing these days when the temperature is zero????

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