Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Acropolis Museum, Athens

from the entrance of the museum we can see Acropolis
WOW....I was trying to imagine how high we climbed
and how the hell did the ancient civilisation build this thing???
this museum is VERY VERY NEW
and it's not ready and definitely not open yet to the public
it will only opens its door this Summer 09.

However there is a small section where u can visit...
It was built on top of RUINS
but then again, it was so well preserved...
I dunno how did the architect manage this museum on top of ruins.
We looked down and there's so many things to see
the floor of the whole place is like this..
glass flooring overlooking whatever that's beneath this whole building
thanks to the black dots we can walk on top of it
but it was a weird feeling coz it's like walking on air
and gave me a sensation that i will fall down anytime.
totally weird and gave me such dizziness
certain areas were not covered like this...
above is the picture which shows the ruins of a bath house
the grand entrance which is still under construction
can u spot those statues on the 1st floor?

If u look harder, the whole flooring of this level is semi transparent
overlooking whatever that's down there!!!!
Dinos the Great took this pic!!!
a golden wreath!!!
350-300 BC = 2009 *today's year* + 350 = 2359 years old
still so well preserved...
JS & exhausted Monkey

behind us was an ancient painting of Jesus Christ

anyway on that day, we walked until I wanna die
I've never walked so much in my whole life before.

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