Monday, January 12, 2009


almost every morning.....
Dinos the Great will try to drag lil monkey up

"Wake up u lazy monkey....we are goin to the bakery!!!!"
"I wanna sleep for a while more...."

"-_- don't u want your breakfast???"
well when it comes to food.....I'm THAT motivated!!!!the whiff of freshly baked pastries and bread woke me up
bakery was already bustling with ppl buying breakfast.
so many to choose from!!!! and all were still warm
and here and there
this shop is very old
including the old lady who bakes the yummy products
I wanted to buy so many to try
but can only get a few coz the sizes of their pastries were HUGE
the above was Bougatsa
with different fillings from custard to cheese to minced meat in between thin phyllo pastries
we got the custard filling ones...
check out the steam on its box when we got home.
2 pcs were enuff for 3 to share
look at the custard!!!
and it's not that sweeet.......just nice for me to enjoy the phyllo pastries as well
the other one we got to share was Kaseropita
it's a Tiropita using a Kaseri cheese hence the Kaseropita name
there's different type of cheese filling to choose fr...
pastry was so flaky and crispy
went so well with the juicy ripe persimmon
and freshly brewed cappucino fr Couchie George's coffee machine

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