Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Acropolis means the edge/tip of the city
an UNESCO World Heritage site
it is the most photographed site in Greece.
see the marble fell off...and some remained
Acropolis was around for about 8,000 years
8k years??????????????
certain parts were destroyed during the numerous earthquakes over the centuries
look at the "disturbed" pillar
this place is fallin apart as we speak and breathe here
so huge efforts were being put to restore this place around the clock
this whole place sits on this Rocky Mountain
and the only access is by foot
*awwwwww my poor monkey feet :(*
after our easy climb, this was the main entrance greeting us into the place
then it's time to climb on the steep steps
Monkey & JS
see told ya it's steep
with all the steelworks around the place to hold it from falling apart!!!!
taking a 30 secs break
the Parthenon which was built around 460-430BC
which spells 2468 years old
I am FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the only reason I went to Athens
*Couchie George is sooooo gonna be dissappointed*
it was beyond words when u see the real thing
this is the Temple of the Greek Goddes Athena
the layout of the Parthenon
extreme complicated architecture and engineering already existed then
while we were so busy taking picture of such scenic civilised construction
and marveled at its beauty
and wandered how the hell did human beings managed to build something like this...

check out the background
students busy protesting
we just can't be bothered...
yeah protests are everywhere in Athens every other day.
well, the pictures are all so beautiful
it need no words nor description
Erecthion with the maidens supporting the arches
the 4 maidens there were replicas....real ones are safely in the museum
and the 5th one is still in custody.....Greece wants it back fr the British Museum
I thought this was the 5th one...
nyek nyek nyek
as we climbed down....
a friendly dog came to JS
JS decided to pet and have a pic taken with this friendly dog
then came a 2nd one
JS was extremely popular among the dogs in Athens

u will notice these dogs have collars and they belonged to the municipal of Athens
So the government is taking care of all these stray dogs...
they are well fed, well groomed, healthy and free of diseases
and most of all --> shelter!!!

This Msia is lacking >_<
anyway that's another long story.

would lurve to load more pics...but too many
most pics stolen fr Dinos the Great's camera and JS's Nikon SLR


Anonymous said...

the long-haired friendly dog is so cantik!

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: Yea they are stray dogs of Athens...I don't think I dare to go near Msia's stray dogs. :P

Odin Cards said...

The first dog is smelling at JS's....uh....u know where....

Didn't change underwear for a few days? Or is that dog female? :P

CHER-RY said...

Joo: Hahaha u so hilarious and creative lar...Pls update your blog. Me wanna read!!! :))))))