Thursday, January 01, 2009

Best Souvlaki & Kebab in Cyprus

after driving around small lil Larnaca town
and was lost for bout 15 minutes coz we dunno where were we turning to....

Souvla King Marios asked around the locals as he drove down the street
everyone seems to know where is this Efthimis Souvlaki House's that FAMOUS!!!!erm....if u can figure out how to read this....
Y = F
P = R
K = C
H = I
and more alpha beta gamma
*pulls HaIR*

GAH dun ask me!!!!
but after staying in Land of the Greeks I somehow can figure out.

OK is NEH *sounds like no to me*
is OHI *sounds like OK to me*

*slaps forehead*
anyway we had some tahini to go with warm pita
tahini is made fr sesame seedthis was my favourite!!!!
grilled Haloumi cheese :))))))))))))pickled vegetables of:
celeries + chiliesthe famous Greek Salad
made fr lebanese cucumber, cypriot tomatoes, feta cheese
topped with crunchy fresh romaine lettuce drizzled with fresh extra virgin olive oil in oregano
and lastly garnished with capers

enuff dig inPastourmas = Spicy sausage
grilled to perfection and eaten on its own with lemon juice.can u see all the herbs innit?Cyprus is famous for its potatoes.....
u'll never have potatoes this fresh with real POTATO smell and taste innit!!!

potato in greek = Patata
see!!! I'm learning.....better learn fast if i wanna survive here.sieftalia = pork wrapped in onions and herbs
especially lurve the burnt edgesit was so juicy on the inside
:))))))))))))))and of coz pork souvlakia
I was so stuffed by thenthis place also serve some good started like deep fried mushrooms

chefs busy firing stick and sticks of meat over charcoal fire
the order came non stop u can practically hear the phone ringing every secdespite the madness at the grill
they managed a wide smile for Monkey :)))))))))))I'll lurve to come back again
this place won an award for the best Souvlaki in the whole country
even the President dines here.
Souvla King Marios: "Cherry, do u want a pack to take away? U can have it onboard to Athens. Just ask the air hostess to bring u a slice of lemon to go with it."

Monkey for the first time in her gastronomy life.....

thank u Sweet Nandia and Souvla King Marios for taking us here
our tummies had a great time

and then JS + Monkey continued their journey 2 hours later
to the riot city of Athens.

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