Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Flisvos Marina, Glyfada

This place is so huge I almost fainted
we took a tram fr city centre and alighted at Trocadero station
Trocadero is a lil area in the district of Glyfada
Glyfada is the southern suburb area of Athens
but it has got to be the richest suburb I've ever seen!!!!
They called it Knightsbridge on Sea
home to ministers, celebrities, millionaires and more milliionares

well judging fr the number of yachts parked there..
it has to be a millionaires town.
they were sooooooo many yachts
and Athens has soooo many marinas...so u go and do the calculation.
we felt so small here among the white giants and hid behind the xmas tree
JS was too busy choosing his dream boat
this one caught his eyes
its name....T-2
bet the owner looks like Arnold
this T-2 compartment opens up with a jet ski inside
with stainless steel finishing
automatic steps at a press of a button
I know why he lurves this boat
coz it's stainless steel just like his kitchen...
Why would u want a boat that looks like a kitchen???
JS & Dinos the Great both love stainless steel boats
it's a men thing which I won't understand.
I like cozy yachts like this....3 floors!!!!!
or maybe something like this one!!!!

Dinos the Great: "This isn't a boat Monkey!!!! It's a SHIP!!!!!"

see lar...these Greeks are so rich
their yachts = the size of a small ship
as we walked furhter there were more bigger boats as big as titanic
Do they need such big ones as hobby???

by the way, all the ships/yachts/boats belonged to someone
they are not for RENT
and to maintain one cost a whole big CREW
we were walking on a floating barge like this
it's safe, even cars were on it.
see wat I meant!!!
the end of the barge
as usual, someone got over adventurous and climbed to the lower barge

*Grithing my teeth*
just as I thought it was the end of the barge, there were more yachts over the other side
it's never ending
I wondered how many of them are here?
we then walked over to the sailing boat area
*yea this place is tat BIG*
sail boat uses only the wind to sail
it is very small with a bedroom and a kitchen inside
with a registration number
the ropes made me so confused
then we were lucky to watch 2 men setting up the sail in 1 minute!!!
1 minute!!!!!
once the sail is up there, the boat moves
so FAST!!!!
Notti Monkey stood there waving like mad woman

no reply

"How come they were so unfriendly"
Both JS and Dinos the Great walked away pretended not to know me
nor the intention to be associated with me

Hai don't blame me...
I'm a Horkatis = peasant = orang kampung = heong hah lou
it was then that Dinos the Great & JS planned a sailing trip for all of us
this COMING SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dinos the Great: "U must work on board ok.....coz we need manpower."
Monkey did the "so-sweet-u-will-melt" smile to escape WORK

Dinos the Great: "NO NO NO. This doesn't work for me. U must work on board. Washing, cleaning the boat, cooking, and of coz learn how to sail."

9 days out at the sea
island hopping, swimmings, sailing
I hope I can take the sea
SOB....my dream boat u wait for me yea...
9 more months..
Dinos the Great, our future captain
hey make sure u also know how to sail...
dun sail us over the Aegan Sea to Turkey
I LOVE GREECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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