Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sick vs Shopping

While in Athens, Monkey was sick
so sick that she couldn't wake up...
despite JS wailing and wailing for hours..
"wake up~~~~ wake up~~~~~~"
Anyhow he stuffed 2 paracetamol into my mouth before leaving home
for shopping..
oh wait...I think I can wake up now.
suddenly became fresh as daisies
I wanted chicken soup

Dinos the Great was looking around Kolonaki Square
suddenly the whiff of yummy roasted chicken caught us
according to Dinos the Great,
this place had been here for the past 30 years
and served the best roast chicken in town!!!!!!!!!
JS: "Roast chicken??? U sure u want roast chicken when u are sick?"
and I had half a chicken
unbelievable isn't it?
the meat was so juicy and tearing apart
with its crunchylicious and crispy skin

Monkey asked for ketchup
Owner: "NO KETCHUP!! U will spoil the taste of my greatly roasted chicken."

-_- okie ketchup lor
so good I can finish half a chicken on my own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*damn I am now craving for that roast chicken*
Jimmy Choo
then we were off to shopping!!!!!
there were so many luxury shoes boutique around
Ferragamo Varina in suede
I like the color :)
Thalassa boutique is just at the entrance of Couchie Ceorge's bachelor pad
chooo choooo~~~~
wat a creative window display
colour of the season
when it's 40% no one can resist visiting it at least once a DAY
well we do that 2x a day
like we can get more discounts by visiting it so often.
JS was also busy shopping at Kylix
wines were mountainous
selections of Leroy
I almost accidentally kicked this crate
when I looked down
O_O Romanee Conti and St Vivant

" come they are putting these GEMS on the floor?"

JS: "WOW...........they are so high class yea....put these rare babies on the floor."
Monkey: "There's 5 bottles in Carat Club, Pavilion."
nyek nyek nyek nyek
this one for Bagaholic Tracie
of coz it's cheaper here
but we didn't get any

Amedei is the Rolls Royce of chocolates
Si Fu Lawrence bought 1kg for us
I wonder how much did that cost u?
an arm and a leg perhaps?

So u know,
if Monkey is sick...she'll just go to the...the...erm...urm...

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