Monday, January 12, 2009

Picking up where I left it

JS standing at tee box 10,
behind is Serai Saujana
*gosh I soooo got to update the other blog*

it's standing tall at level 12 now...3 more to go.
it's good to let myself out on a Sunday afternoon
for clean fresh air
away fr the city centre
believe me, the course was soooo empty
wat happened?
the EGO system implemented at Saujana
which comes with the GPRS
it measures exact distance fr each different tee box...
and also current distance to the pin.

Just carry it around with u, and it will measure your whereabout.
it also calculates your score.
set your pin!!!!
but still got a lot of bugs...
hopefully they will fix it soon
I think the score card will be obsolete soon
weather was sooooo lovely,
couldn't ask for more
JS doin his practice swing
Hole 16 at Saujana got to be my favourite
coz it's so beautiful
I was lucky to catch this newly bloomed water lilies
then it's back to practice at the driving range
I am thankful that I did not lose my swing
after all these months.
certainly lots to adjust and re-adjust
left hand not straight...

and I was listening to the Ang Moh coach next door teaching the kids

"straighten your left arm to an L shape....remember L is Long...Long is Strong"
He was certainly right!!!
JS also taught me to use my hips for more strength...
this Monkey really whack like never eaten for months...
can't even reach 100 yards using 8 iron.

practice makes perfect.

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