Thursday, January 08, 2009

Mount Lycabettus

*pic stolen fr JS's Nikon SLR*

Mount Lycabettus is also known as Lykavittos among the Greeks
it means...hill that is walked by the wolves
height: 277 m above sea level
*another pic stolen fr JS's Nikon SLR*

The mountain can be accessed through a pathway climb fr Kolonaki where we stayed.
it was like 100m fr Couchie George's bachelor pad
the foot of the hill.....not the's much much futher than 100m.
the Lims....namely Saint Veeny & JS zoomed up
like 2 powerful Ferraris with dunno how many horse power
thanks to their "Lim's Gene"

while Monkey, Couchie George & Dinos the Great puffed our way up.
hushed & puffed
GAWWWDDD how come they dun have cable car!!!!!
Monkey looked up and GAWWWDDDDDDD
so far more to go~~~~~

but I wanna see the SUNSET
in my 2 lil foot...I climbed faster abandoning
the other 2 behind with more GAWD mumblings as they climbed.
after all the GAWD cursings and mumblings during my climb...
this was the 1st scenery I saw when I reached the top~~~
GAWD has answered my prayers

that's the 19th century lil chapel of St. George
chapel's bell
the scenery was worth the climbed
Clouds over the other mountain
we can see 360 degrees panoramic view of the WHOLE ATHENS!!!!!
and also the Acropolis
can u see it???
lemme zoom a bit
there :)
Monkey & Couchie George with rosy cheeks
thanks to the exercise
Though staying so near....this was Couchie George's first visit
JS & Couchie George
and he happilly told his friends about the exciting view and climb the next few days
in Greek:
Couchie George: "We took 2 hours to climb u know??"

2 hours????
it was only 20 minutes .....
maybe it felt like 2 hours for u.
we then watch the beautiful sunset over the Aegean Sea
beautiful huh?
a few minutes later....lights popping out everywhere
and more
Acropolis never looked this beautiful
we then took our time to walk down
in the dark

I now proudly announed that



Anonymous said...

So beautiful!

But... is that graffiti I saw on the wall of the 19th century chapel of St George's bell tower?

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: Yep indeed....but it wasn't ME!!!!