Saturday, January 03, 2009

Chocolat Cafe

Chocolat Cafe is a must go whenever u are on your climb to the Acropolis
erm actually we were not on our climb up coz we wanna save it for another beautiful day

once u entered the cafe, dun waste time lookin for seats
instead take the elevator to the top floor
there's more NICER seats there!!!

breathtaking view of the Acropolis fr where we sat
nice huh?

we were lucky there's ENGLISH in their menu....
other wise, alpha beta gamma sigma theta zeta omega
o_O *rolling eyes*Saint Veeny in her Comme Des Garcons & Dinos the Great
This cafe is Saint Veeny's fav...
she'll drop by here everytime she visits Athens.JS had salad of aragula with tomatini and more sun dried tomatoes in balsamic vinegar
served with pine seeds and goat cheese
extremely fresh!!!!while Monkey had this
nyek nyek nyek
strawberry waffles with more strawberries served with Greek ice creamwait, I'm not done yet with the description...

drizzled with honey and more strawberries dipped in caramelised pistachios

Couchie George had the same waffle
and I wondered how the heck did I finish it all by myself
a waffle 1.5x the size of my face.

Saint Veeny had a cuppa
so she can save some space in her stomach for dinnerJS drew the Acropolis
on my notebook

actually those ugly stilts + pillars were drawn by Monkey
:DCouchie George & JS
I think Couchie George had never walked so much since he settled down in Athenswe also managed to catch a rainbow over Kolonaki
lucky US!!!JS & Monkey
the globe trotters
next destination this summer - - > Santorini!!!!!
we had some special guests seated next table
and Couchie George did not do any annoucement to us...

It was hawt greek singer Lucas -_-
at least I could asked for a pic!!!!

Oh this I must show u ppl..
the toilet at Chocolat Cafe.
We must come back next time yea!!!!


S-kee said...

ooo i like your boots and desserts! Welcome back to Msia!!!

CHER-RY said...

Mee Mee: Thanks Mee Mee. I lurve them too :))))