Friday, January 16, 2009

Athen's Subway

Subways, MRT, MTR, LRT, Tube are just underground transportation
to get u to your destination
they are cheap, reliable, on time and of coz boring
*wat can u see underground???*
but not in Athens...
our destination - Acropolis

*off topic*
Lesson 101: how to read Greek
substitute C with K
r with P
p with pi *pronounced as pie*
L with Alpha
i with N
Their subway is soooo soooo sooooo AMAZING
*apart that it's clean, beggar-less, user friendly bla bla bla*

warriors were everywhere on the wall
beautiful sculptures
Monkey was so busy snapping away standing in the middle of the busy traffic of Athenians
rushing to work.

Dinos the Great: "What are u doin?"
Monkey: "Snapping pics"

Dinos the Great: "Don't u know these are replicas?? The real ones are in the museum and we are goin there now. So don't waste your time."
Monkey: -_-
yes folks!!! while digging this place - Syntagma Square
They found all the beautiful ruins, artifacts, sculptures, remains of the ancient Greek

The real pieces were kept safely in the museum
so the above were pics of replicas.
Potteries...i dunno these are replicas or real ones
but they were stored in locked glass cabinet across the corridor..
So I am assuming they are REAL
and more!!!
this have to be REAL!!
Layers of soil with artifacts still clinging on to it.
including human's bones, piping, drainage, more potteries and small lil pieces of I dunno wat.

Well taking the subway is suuuureeee Sureal here in Athens.
U don't believe that it's the SUBWAY don't ya??
I think they should name it SubSuem or Musway

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