Monday, August 19, 2013

Roomies Shopping Experience :)))

Monkey arrived with a 30kg luggage bag to the dismay of Shell Shell
not good :) hahahaha.

After watching an episode of Anna Olson hosting a partay with her gfs exchanging used apparels and stuffs, we decided to have one ourselves!!! woohooooo.....

so the key was to compile apparels that you don't want anymore and exchange with ur gfs. Aside from that it was a great idea to pig out with yummy food!!!! hahahahaha. we are greedy pigs~~~

 at the entrance of their home, Monkey to Shell Shell's husband:
"JS didn't want I m moving in with you guys. Please prepare a room for me. I ain't sleeping on the couch!!!" and pouted her lips.

Shell Shell's hubby was shocked, he drew an O on his lips b4 the lovely wifey told him to ignore silly Monkey. :P

after clearing the air, to the relief of Shell Shell's hubby, he regained his full concentration and focused on frying Bee Hoon. Monkey was bz re-heating chicken curry which was cooked the nite before.

I guess no one wants surprises like this....seeing a friend with a huge luggage bag standing at their doorway...kekekeke...

When I told JS about my lil drama, he was -_-"
yes how could Monkey do this to him, saying he didn't want me anymore. He was quite sad about it actually....sorry's a joke and I love you :))))

simple home cooked fry bee hoon. We wanted it simple with nothing innit bcoz it's gonna be eaten with the chicken curry. It may looked simple, but frying one requires skills. Else ur bee hoon will break up into pieces and lumps.

Shell Shell's hubby didn't want us to be under-fed he prepared a Tuna Belacan from scratch. WAHHHH it was so tasty and spicy!!! yummy~~~~~ great for toppings for the bee hoon.

Chicken Dopiaza cooked by Monkey, under the Stressful and Watchful eyes of Mr. JS. He's a perfectionist, and made sure I did every single step to his instructions. -_-"
For the recipe *click here* but this one I made for roomies was with more gravy bcoz we wanted to drench the beehoon with the curry :)))

Monkey oso prepared the Asian Salad....
yeah definition of asian salad was its dressing...Japanese Sesame Citrus dressing :))) Since all the food were Asian, we must stick to the theme.

While cooking I was admiring Shell Shell's fridge
I don't have a habit of sticking anything onto my fridge but it's so beautiful to see this :)))

Then my eyes spotted this lil message which she glued onto her fridge.
I bought her a fruit and flowers basket a few months ago with this sticking onto it :P She kept it!!! Tears almost welled up my eyes bringing me memories of that day. I was really touched :))))

Monkey oso prepared Cheese and Ham sandwiches for kid(s)sssss
with cookie cutters of gingerbread man and butterfly. Mee Mee's son Jae was more interested on the cherry tomatoes. LOL!!!!!

Shell Shell prepared shitload of clothes hanger for all our apparels. Pushed her clothes hanger from her porch into the living hall :P and prepared a FULL LENGTH mirror for us!!!!
WOW we were all so impressed!!!

Monkey then proceeded to merchandise her "Stash" onto display. Think I brought between 30-50 pieces of dress. Can't remember >.< but I seriously need to clear my wardrobe. My walk-in Wardrobe is in a State of Emergency!!!!!

Monkey also brought 7 pairs of shoes to be "cleared" at this shopping experience. Soon everything were neatly displayed, food was prepared and we were all ready!!!!

Nee Lee arrived and brought pipping hot homemade curry puffs!!!!
Wow!!! we have loads to eat :)))))

Mee Mee
couldn't believe her eyes with the amount of FOOD and Clothes!!!
"We won't fit into those dresses after all these food"

Soon the "Session" begun...
Shell Shell in Mee Mee's sweet pink dress and Monkey styled her in NewLook wedges with small pink floral design that I got from Singapore.

It's match!!! One ON!!!!
and many many more to go~~~~ kekekekeke

Nee Lee in Monkey's comfy blue dress from Platinum Mall
can't remember which year I bought this. :))))

Mee Mee with Jae bcoz he was stucked to her all the time like an UHU super glue. I guess at this age babies/toddlers are like that.

so seen here Mee Mee in Monkey's Armani Exchange red cotton dress, paired with a pair of lacy pumps. It was another ON and off she went with her happy "purchase" hahahahahahaha

Lurve this nostalgia feel pic. Monkey was styling them in work-wear mode. According to their personality, profession, comfort level and skin color :)))) They looked so good isn't it?

Nee Lee, Shell Shell and Mee Mee
initially Shell didn't wanna lose her black tights but we insisted she just removed everything and try the clothes on itself. She said she's too lazy~~~~~

15 minutes down the shopping experience, everyone was just in their inner wear trying everything :P no more tights, no more singlets nor t-shirts. We were glad there were no men in da house. All were chased out b4 the shopping experience begins....coz we were to lazy to try everything in a "fitting room"....just do it on the the living hall. KEKEKEKEKEKEKE

Monkey was moving fast with all the clothes hanger, removing them...pairing them with accessories for Roomies to try on...choosing based on their likings towards colors, shapes and designs. Folding on pieces that they've booked/ the pieces if they rejected them.

At certain points, there were about 3-4 pieces to try at once for each of them.
Mee Mee: "Hey I thought there's a max of 5 pieces only in the fitting room???"
Everyone LOL!!!!!

my coral colored sandals from NewLook. Shell Shell lurve it and took it home. Oh this was her home anyway :P hahahahahaha.

It was so fun, trying on pieces, getting opinions from each other, seeking acknowledgement. Each of us will scream in glee everything we managed to "sell" pieces from our own private collection.

Nee Lee: "YAYYY!!! I sold mine!!!!"
but she gained a few pieces from my collection too...bahahahahaha...

Mee Mee in Nee Lee's grey chiffon dress and Monkey in Nee Lee's color-blocked cotton dress
I refrained myself from getting anything back home.
I m so so so so so evil~~~~~ loading clothes to my roomies :P

They were so so so happy for there's enuff dresses to last them for 2 weeks of work!!! LOL!!!!
that's really good. Don't think we can get so many dresses even when we do shopping on our own right?

After all the fitting, chatting and laughter...our tummy was rumbling again.
Nee Lee baked a japanese chiffon yummy!!!!
Time to rest for dessert before we continue again!!!!

see it's so light and fluffy!!!! yummmss~~~~

Time spent: 5 hours
Food consumed: as shown in pics by the 4 of us...told ya we are pigs~~~~
Dresses exchanged: unaccountable plus accessories, earrings, choker, necklaces

Monkey brought just slighty under 50 pieces of clothing and she "sold" 22 pieces to the Nee Lee, Shell Shell and Mee Mee. Brought 7 pairs of shoes and sold 5 pairs..

now my wardrobe is slightly breathable~~~~
wow I didn't know this is so so so fun. Lurve it ladies!!!
Let's give ourselves 6 more months to do this again shall we?


Melissa said...

wahh...this shopping cum makan party is so interesting and fun lar...
Your red luggage can fit in all the dresses plus so many food?! Sounds like a Doraemon bag.hehe...

neil said...

Looking at the foooooood photos makes me hungry again! hahahah :@)

CHER-RY said...

Melissa: yeah free shopping!!! HAHAHA everything free...come come...lai lah lai lah!!!

the 30kg red luggage bag was literally our Doraemon pocket :P

Nee Lee: Don't worry we are all pigs @^@