Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Home Cooked 15 minutes Crab Bee Hoon

Hello Mr. Clawie....I m soooo gonna eat ya!!!! He was still swimming in the tank an hour ago before being killed/prepared by a professional at a certain seafood restaurant.

Since Monkey was so into Jamie O's 15 minutes meal....JS decided he didn't wanna be left out and prepared his....according to his recipe. HAHAHAHAHAHA

yes it really took only 15 minutes to cook this dish. I guess in cooking, it's the preparation that takes time...not the cooking process :P Unless if u are roasting or sous-vide-ing some meat.

Mise-en-place of coriander leaves, onions, spring onions, ginger and garlic, fish sauce.

yes it's all about the preparation that takes time. But JS is really efficient bcoz he chops and slices like a pro :))))))) and poor me had to wash all his utensils like a errrr...actually I just merchandise them into the dishwasher ....heeeeeeeee my favourite appliance at home.............heeeeeeeeeee

a quick stiry fry of onions, garlic, spring onions with some canola oil

I dunno wat's the difference of using different types of oil produce diff aroma. There's grapeseed oil, corn oil, olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, first pressed olive oil, not-to-be-cooked olive oil, salad oil....palm oil, peanut oil, coconut oil...No wonder the pantry is so full!!!!!!!! just oil alone can accommodate a huge chunk of space.

Soon Mr. Clawie into the wok
hehehehehe.....just one crab alone is enuff for the both of's a huge ass crab from Australia. Just compare it with the's a standard sized wok, not a mini one.

Monkey was getting a bit impatient and started poking Mr. Clawie with the spatula
JS: "Hands off!!!"
Monkey >.<I'm alwiz a menace hovering around when he's cooking. If only there's a fly-swatter to piak me :P

Homemade chicken's alwiz good to make some and store in the fridge. But since we ran out of stock, JS had to make really if u have chicken stock this meal would be 15 minutes :)))))

and soon Mr. Clawie is turning crimson
why lah??? u shy izzit?

JS let the stock reduce a bit....and I still couldn't believe him that it's gonna be a 15 minutes meal. Okie lor...u can start ur own franchise of 15 minutes chinese meal :P hahahahaha

Add the Bee Hoon and more chicken stock. JS used my leftover bee hoon from my other 15 minutes meal *read about it here*

JS: "Aiks why.......this is the thin noodle!!!"
"Yes it is...your eyes didn't cheat u"
JS: "I needed a thicker version....." sigh............
but it was too late.....hahahahahahaha

so after the noodles are in....let Mr. Clawie braised for a bit in the wok together with Bee Hoon in the chicken stock bath.


I timed was really 15 minutes!!!!
the pieces of roe were all over the bee lil orange specs. Really good for a 15 minutes meal but I preferred an older version he made a few years ago with crab stock. Yup instead of chicken stock, he made flower crab stocks from scratch. That one was really awesome but time consuming too.

So now I am really looking forward to that version soon :)))))))
Thank you Mr. JS for cooking yet another amazing simple dinner :)))))
and Mr. Clawie for sacrificing yourself to us. You were not wasted Mr. Clawie...every part of u were consumed and appreciated. Rest be assured when fresh ingredients like u are handled at the hands of Mr.'ll be honored. Amen~~~~


Anonymous said...

Waahhhh....look so delicious! Hungry lor..... :-D

Chasing Food Dreams said...

wah sei.... everything made from scratch... this post is making all yr readers turn green with envy... lol... awesome lah!

CHER-RY said...

Hahahahaha don't turn green!! it's really easy to make *according to JS* but so so damn easy to eat!!! LOL!!!