Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pratunam Chicken Rice - Pink Shirt

The famous Pink Shirt Chicken Rice at Pratunam
not to be mistaken as the Green Shirt, unless u are color blind :P

There are 2 stalls operating along this same stretch within 50m away. very very close by with strong competition hahahaha. I guess that's why they have come to an agreement with Pink and Green shirt to avoid the confusion among patrons.

All the staffs were female except the boss
There's a methodology of operation here. I call it SOP - standard operating procedures, with a simple assembly and production plates after plates of chicken rice roll out faster than Intel manufacture their chips by machines. *yeah Monkey had the privilege and visited such factory before watching tech stuffs/chips/parts being manufacture like...errrr like...I dunno... speed-light?? u'll be amazed!!!!*

The Boss oso has got his own operating procedure....of counting money
small coins into this bowl
big coins into that bowl


I guess the staffs here were so accustomed to tourists snapping their pic
there were no expressions, no smiles, no pausing for u to snap that perfect "candid-pic"

I guess that's bcoz the boss was around...watching them....making sure no chicken were gone to waste, no single grain dropped onto the floor, and no coins gone missing.


spot Notti Monkey at the corner...she was bz hovering around the "kanom luk chup" stall to the agitated vendor bcoz Monkey was not giving her any business but hovering like a fly...

back to the chopping and deboning
do u know that all chicken rice in Thailand are served without its bones?!?!?!?!?
oh well really sorry if u like the boney part but for lazy diners this spells good news!!!!!
they'll re-cycle the bones and dunk them immediately into the gigantic enormous pot of boiling soup

Chunks and pieces of de-boned succulent steamed chicken

JS said to me in his broken cantonese: "Hak sei ngor ah!!!"
he rarely speaks cantonese and when he speaks it's as bad as his French.
Hak sei ngor literally means - scare the shit outta me!!!

coz he doesn't consume poultry and the enormous numbers/pieces of chicken plus its smell scared the shit outta him!!! yeah now u know Mr JS is afraid of chicken!!! pok-pok-pok-kok!!!

not even this lady can scare him...

Monkey: "Hey if I eat and eat and eat and became as gigantic as that lady, will u still want me?"
JS O.O *gulped*....trick question...
"YES................" >.<

Monkey -_-"
it took u so long to answer that questions...hmph!!!!!

Finally the chicken rice came.....

Monkey alwiz have the thigh or drumstick. I forgot how do u order drumstick in to ask JS coz I relied on him heavily in the Land of Smiles, I felt a bit handicapped though. This is wat happens when both of us are so independent in every aspect of our lives. Yes if u are wondering, his money is his money and my money is my money :P BAHAHAHAHAHA I'm an independent woman yo!!!

Off topic:

Monkey had been shopping like a mad woman in Bangkok to the disapproved Mr. JS. Coz he had to tail around with Monkey to negotiate prices for all her purchases. Yes if u speak Thai, ur prices are naturally slashed way way way lower. WAHAHAHAHAHA

"Do u think it's enuff? Can I still shop a bit more?"
JS: "'s ENOUGH!!! hmph!!!"
"Why the hell am I asking u? I'm using MY MONEY!!! grrrrr!!!! Why don't u go sit around have coffee or go snap some nice pics at the temple. I'll meet u in..........say tonite?"
JS smacked forehead but he was stucked to Monkey the entire day coz he's so afraid that I'll be lost.

Hey Mr. JS, Bangkok will be my territory soon though I can't speak Thai...but I'm learning!!!
Chan Khao Jai Thai!!!
I can order food in Thai :))))))))) Heeeeeeeeeeee

Each plate of chicken rice is Bht 300 = RM 3.00
*in KL at RM 3 u eat sh@rt*

The chicken was juicy and moist
its skin was thin minus all the fat. They do have really lean chickens in Thailand huh? Guess it's the feed bcoz the chicken here were fed with rice husks.

The sauce here is also different from our usual chicken rice. It's a mixture of soy sauce, fish sauce, ginger juice, fresh ginger, thai bird eye chilis, and some acidity from lime I pressume. The mixture was a bit cloudy and looked unappetizing but trust me u'll need it bcoz it's so so yummy!!!

The hot rice was really fluffy!!!! If u are expecting it to taste like Hainanese chicken rice then u'll be disappointed. The pungent taste of garlic/ginger/pandanus leaves were definitely non existence in any Thai Chicken Rice.

So u just need to be open mind and enjoy the local taste/palate here. However if u are expecting it to taste like Singaporean Hainanese Chicken Rice, then u'll dislike Thai Chicken Rice.

washed down with a mug of really really cold tea
2 Bht = RM 0.20
can we still buy anything at RM 0.20 in Msia??? that's like 8 cents in Singapore.

it's a really clean place and overall I would say it's a good eat at this price. They also serve chicken blood jelly, intestines, roast pork and other peripherals at this place. If u are really hungry there's a kao niao mak meung (mango sticky rice) stall nearby and also a steamed sago dumplings. Just too much to eat!!!!

They will increase the price to 400 Bht = RM 4 come this September.

If u ask me for my personal favourites, I would say the rice here @Pink Shirt is fluffier, But the chicken @Green shirt is definitely better with flavours and texture. Both of their sauces were quite similar. Soup wise, @Pink shirt is more peppery.

Next time I'll just pack rice here and go over to @Green shirt for chicken. Good idea? after all it's less than 50 metres away.

Read about our visit to Green Shirt Pratunam Chicken Rice *here*

Kaiton Pink Shirt Pratunam Chicken Rice
Petchburi Soi 30,

*it's just across the street from the famous Platinum Mall/Novotel*


Anonymous said...

20 bath = RM 2 , not 20 cents.....

CHER-RY said...

bahahaha sorry typo!!
it should be 2 Baht. Thanks for highlighting I will change it. It's definitely 20 cents :)))

Anonymous said...

400 baht = 4 RM?

justpassingby said...

did you do a check before hitting submit ?