Friday, August 23, 2013

Hyatt Erawan Tea Room, Bangkok

We lurve to drop by here for a casual hi-tea esp on a hot day....where we can just laze around and browse through some of their local publications. Thais are really creative ppl, even the layout of their magazine is so attractive and interesting.

Moreover it's run by the very same hotel we stayed at, so how convenient can it be? Monkey was here in December and was quite disappointed with their hi-tea set was a Christmas themed hi-tea set!!!!!

most of the local Thai delicacies were placed with christmas stollen and some really uninteresting small bites with a "christmassy" feel
:"(( and after my stay, I wrote them 2 really really long emails....providing "feedbacks" on service, rooms, hotels, food, standard of operating systems etc. I call them feedbacks bcoz they were constructive. Followed up with comments and suggestions. In return he replied me twice really long emails too. LOL.

and 8 months later, I am proud to say they have further improved on their already 5-stars services. Especially on basic stuffs like making ppl queue at the same line for porridge and eggs station during breakfast? Imagine the long line of hungry guests crowding that corner?? So now they have re-structured their egg station.
Anyway back to the yummy hi-tea at Erawan Tea Room
We were really happy that it's the usual-wat-we-expected-of at this tea room
Fresh double cream, chunky strawberry jam and Thai fish sauce with coriander and chili flakes.
I lurve their nice :))
even our hotel room have the similar plates :)))

so from the bottom u have the savoury local Thai snacks, followed by the must have Scones for any hi-tea with a mixture of Western and Thai. The top tier consist of the famous Sticky Rice with Thai Mango and fruits.

So so so happy and can't wait to chomp chomp nom nom...
This set is for one person :)))

the purple one is Steamed Flower Shaped Dumpling filled with crabmeat,
mini deconstructed Mieng Kam of roasted coconut, lime, chili and ginger with betel leaves in crispy basket.
Thai Style chicken curry puff - this one wasn't so exciting
Grilled marinated pork satay
Deep fried minced chicken with chili and mint leaves
and finally minced pork and peanuts on fresh pineapples

Deep fried fermented Isan Pork
while I was bz with my tea set....JS had his galore as well...
this one was really good. I highly recommend it...served with the usual Thai condiments of raw cabbage, spring onions, chopped lime, shallots, ginger and bird eye chillis and a Thai fish sauce dip.

so so yummy and good...very soon Monkey was busy stealing food from JS
JS: "Oiii this one is mine...go and eat yours."

tough decision, I have finished the savoury lower deck...

now to move on to scones or fruits???

it's not just the usual scones but buttery raisins scones!!! still pipping hot!!!
served with cream and strawberry jam from Chiang Mai - Northern Thailand

on this deck were:
Crispy rice pudding with toppings of taro, corn, spring onions and pumpkin famously known as "Kanom Krog"
sweet bean paste fruit shape - Luk Chup. Those small beautifully painted like mini fruits dessert
crispy sesame roll with the intensity of coconut milk
mini soft sinful chocolate cake and a mini passion fruit tart...
everything was bite-sized

JS also had pork satays with fluffy sticky thai rice
served with a special dip
wow there's a lot of MEAT there.

everyone here seemed to be ordering the hi-tea set...
seen on every single table!!!! hahahahaha

and finally Sticky Mango Rice and seasonal fruits skewer
after that I was really round and satisfied.

a really comfy Malaysian tourist who was snoring away after the hi-tea....

yeah Malaysians can be quite rude and distasteful sometimes..
At KLIA, JS was just shaking his head...
"Wat's wrong?"
JS: "Look, can't they dress better to travel???"
and pointed to a bunch of Malaysian baggy shorts and very-very-creased- t-shirts....but most of all in slippers...oh well not even Crocs mind u. They looked like they just woke up from bed and came to airport in the same attire that they wore to sleep.

"errrr maybe they are flying domestic?"
JS: "Yea we are now at the international side, how domestic can that be?"
"errrr maybe they are goin to some islands?"
JS just shrugged me off :P

yeah I sometimes do find our Msians travellers a bit of a hooligans. They do travel everywhere coz I hear them speaking Malaysian *if u know wat I mean?* but in terms of behavior it's really bad. If u think Singaporeans are Kiasu...try Msians...we are on the verge of joining the fellow PRC speak as loud and behave as rude.

Anyway the high tea set cost about 350 Baht = RM 35
how price have increased over the years. No longer 250 nor 280
each set comes with tea/coffee of your it hot or cold.

Erawan Tea Room

Level 2, Hyatt Erawan Hotel,
494 Ploenchit Road,
Bangkok 10330.
Tel: 662 250 7777


js said...

A ex colleague of mine was detained at USA immigration some years ago on the pretext that he was a mainland Chinese trying to slip into the US!! As we discussed about his detention, One of the many root cause identified was the fact that he he speaks very loud and rude and dress shabbily.
Lets take a step back and just from an angle of etiquette and decorum or protocol, we should respect other peoples country when we visit them so let's dress up decently and in a respectful manner. Also keep our voice down cos talking loud is rude if you remember what our parents used to teach us.
By the way this colleague had to spend 1 week in lock up with all the other Chinese mainlanders until eventually someone from the US embassy in kl called my MD to enquire if we have such a staff by the name of XXX.....imagine what could have happened if my MD say no such person.....I leave the rest to your imagination :)))"

CHER-RY said...

ur friend's story was so so tragic...:P

Anonymous said...

The price with that kind of environment (hotel summore) I would say its very cheap. M'sia hotel can't get that kind of price oso.

I agreed with this "yeah Malaysians can be quite rude and distasteful sometimes..".. Its not like they have to wear branded clothes to look good. Just that I felt most of them doesn't dress appropriate with the occasion.

CHER-RY said...

Melissa: I totally agree with you 300% on both of your points 1) hi tea price vs Msia 2) behaviors of Msians


Chasing Food Dreams said...

I m not even gonna go there on the dressing part... lol

instead, I m focusing on JS's Isan Pork and Pork Satay for Hi-Tea... man... thats one Hi-Tea for ME!!!
love it that in Thailand, one can have anything for Hi-Tea and not just normal sandwiches and cakes like here.....

CHER-RY said...

maybe all of us should come up with a biz module of Msian Hi-Tea with murtabak, kuih koci, karipap, pisang goreng?