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Chanel Boy

Chanel Boy
this bag didn't make it to my Object of Desire list because.....because Monkey knew it will end up on her hands, so no efforts were needed to put it into the list. The idea of my Object of Desire list are for items meant to be desired, wanted and not to have :)))))

Chanel launched the Boy collection not too many years ago..
edgier, funky, bold and meant for the Boys of coz but somehow she's so popular now that there's a website dedicated just for the Boy collection.

Today, the Boy is available in Mini, Small, Medium and Large
in different materials from lambskin and calfskin *being the entry level* to exotic skins like python, galuchat and alligator

the marketing campaign was directed and photographed by Karl Lagerfeld himself :))

the new Fall Winter 2013 collection, all in really really beautiful exotic alligator skin that will definitely gonna cost u many many many arms and legs and whatever organs that u've got.

Monkey has been sourcing for a Chanel Boy since.....since....since ....last October!!!!!
every country I went to, it's all so sold stocks!!!!
and so every month when Monkey traveled, she took the efforts to walk into a Chanel boutique and enquired for it...

"any size any colors any skin" I was really in desperation by then
"I'm sorry Ma'am. Everything sold out."

Problem is...I didn't search hard enuff especially when it comes to homeground in Malaysia.
anyway I never bother to walk into one in KL. Actually I should esp when I've been searching for one so desperately.

Chanel Boy, size mini, in yellow galuchat skin

last month, both Monkey & JS were dashing from stores to stores in Singapore....
No no no...not for Chanel Boy. It was Great Singapore Sale and we were busy buying.....PLATES and BOWLS. HAHAHHA yes u got it...homewares and stuffs and we usually ship them by hands...:P well all these things are fragile.

So with both hands laden with many many MANY many many shopping bags I can't remember how...that JS spotted arrivals of Chanel Boy at Ngee Ann City's enormous boutique.

"HEY!!!! LOOK!!!!"
He was more excited than me -_-
"Errr we are running outta time. Gotta drop these in the hotel and get ready for a really really important dinner with a really really important guest from France!!!"

JS: "NO!!! LOOK!!!!"
It was then my eyes focused itself on those Chanel Boy in the arms of Mannequins.
"NO no no...we are late!!! look there's a queue anyway."
Before Monkey could protest any longer, JS already made his ways pushing past shoppers and queue-ing up behing those chinese PRC

Dang!!! I never queue like this!!! for anything!!!! *grumble grumble grumble*
Finally it was our turn...

JS: "I wanna see all your Boy!!!" he demanded..
Monkey stared up at him in amazement for his authoritative commands...coz he's not like this :P esp with me. *well with his staffs it's a different story OK? He's known as Terry the Terrorizer at work*
the Boy from Paris-Edimbourg Metiers d'Art 2013 special collection
it sure looks funky and we were assured that there was a HUGE delivery that arrived 2 hours ago.

soon many many pieces of Boy were laid in front of us....from wool, to fur to goatskin to suede to tweed and velvet...all the latest collection for their Fall Winter 2013. Not to mention different size and colors...from green to burgundy, white and boring black. In many many different materials.

JS: "No no no no I don't want all these.....I saw the red lil one on the hands of your mannequin by the South East corner of your boutique facing Orchard Road."
"but Sir, that one is from our Spring Summer 2013. It isn't from the Fall Winter coll. We've only have one piece available and that's with the mannequin."

When we saw it....
OH MY GAWD!!! this is it!!!!
SHE's THE ONE!!!!!!

JS was beaming with pride bcoz he saw it first
and it's his choice

Oh my freaking gawd....Monkey almost teared

think I've found the perfect Boy!!! after almost a year search :P
in red galuchat skin.....aaaahhhhhh
Galuchat - sting ray
to make one bag u need one sting ray bcoz of its white dots design.

Galuchat has got a rough beautiful texture.
I lurve it so so so much!!!!

Though we had to rush back to our hotel, rushed to get ready for our important dinner....we had to take some moment to admire the bag. Both of us!!!!

and she was soon brought out to play - to the important dinner of coz
*spot JS's Goyard at the back*
my Chanel Boy in passionate Red galuchat skin
very very exotic

I've been lookin for it for the longest time, yearning for it...finally JS found it at the most unexpected place, during the most unexpected time...with no expectations, JS thought it's only proper and to sweeten the cake with a huge cherry and loads of icing on top, he bought it for Monkey!!!!

was really really happy beyond words and mind hahahahahaha
I dunno wat I've done to deserve this :))))))))))
OK I'll shine ur shoes for one year!!!! bahahahahahahaha

Chanel Boy

Small, Red Galuchat Skin,
11.5 x 20 x 6.5 cm
Retails SGD 7,200
*about RM 18k*
for more information:

PS: if u were wondering, YES I slept with her on the first nite, hugging her in her white soft dustbag. I'm a crazy woman.

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