Monday, August 05, 2013

Brunch @ Minnie Winnie

We were invited to Minnie Winnie's bachelorette pad yesterday for brunch. What a lovely surprise from someone who NEVER cooks. She was really making efforts hahahahahaha. I must say she's a perfectionist and a fast learner....a few months ago, she asked me how do we even bake a cake from scratch (minus the pre-mix flour etc) and she did....not only was her cake was beautiful :))))) Monkey was of coz very very proud of Minnie Winnie.

Minnie Winnie roasted Honey Mustard chicken and it was really really yummy!!!!
since all the ladies except Monkey were on diet, all the food were at its minimum quantity. As usual, I ATE the most :P the cow of the lot.

The chicken was really good that Beautiful CS was picking on its crispy flavourful skin.
Sexay Back Maggie: "Ohhhh on diet can eat chicken skin geh...."
Beautiful CS threw her the slitted eyes look.

Roasted root vegetables with onions and rosemary, thyme.

Minnie Winnie oso made from scratch - homemade PESTO sauce!!! served with pasta...yeah the star was the pesto sauce not the pasta. Hence it should be name as Pesto sauce served with tagliatelle pasta on the side.

HAH!! now u are telling me U KENOT COOK???

Monkey brought a simple salad of Radish, Mizuna leaves, aragula and baby spinach. And shit loads of avocado hidden underneath hahahahaha. The above pic was before the dressing.

and our scrumptious lunch was served!!!!
Looks good eh? it TASTED good!!!!

paired with Homemade Sangria!!!
wooohoooo~~~~~ yummmsssss

Before we eat....must say our prayers...which was to cam-whore first
and then the food gets to cam-whore as well

When they had too much to drink......this is wat happened...

our sexay long legged hostess --> Minnie Winnie with Beautiful CS
she's mini in a way...she's a head taller than Monkey but definitely weighs lighter than ME.
Has the smallest hands, has the tiniest waist that I am so so jeles of.

When we used to hike up some hill....and then down....Monkey usually hunts for the most sinful food like Nasi Lemak or CKT....but dearie Minnie Winnie will add that she never had Nasi Lemak for the last 3 years. Guilt engulfed me and we will end up ending something Teh O Ice Limau. :"((((

Dearie Minnie Winnie, working out with u makes me realized wat a COW I am. But most of all how undisciplined Monkey is.....yeah all the efforts of hiking up that hill and then down gone wasted to a plate of CKT. Sigh.....
Sexay Back Maggie was busy farming on her HayDay. *background music of the game played*

Minnie Winnie: "YOU ARE NOT farming on my table!!!!"
before she could finish her sentence....Beautiful CS was bz crushing some candies on her iPad.
then very slowly, lil notti Monkey took out her iPad to farm as well.

Minnie Winnie -_-" x 100000000000

a beautiful art piece  procured from South Africa,
I really like the colors, stitches and texture

Minnie Winnie likes to collect things in pairs
most of her collections were from her travels - Europe, South Africa, Brazil, and around Asia.

Monkey: "And your Fuchsia bottles from??? Robinsons?"
Minnie Winnie: "Hahahaha nope they were from Carrefour."

she color-coded her reads.
*smack forehead*
I only color-code my wardrobe and shoes-robe. Guess I couldn't be bothered with my reads.

Monkey made Eton Mess and brought it there to be assembled for dessert. Just need to bake the meringue and prepared the strawberry syrup and French Vanilla cream.
For recipe *click here*

the ladies called it --> Cherry Mess
there's no cherries innit la!!!

Sexay Back Maggie, Minnie Winnie, Monkey, scooping Eton Mess for the guests

Minnie Winnie declared that we are the BEST GUESTS ever, who cleaned up for her.
The production line was pretty organised...from washing, rinsing to drying. Yeah from the pic u can see who's willing to do it and who's not :P pffffttttttt

then the guests relegated to the living area to relax...
the above guest must be thinking she's a Duyung aka Mermaid...
ini bukan duyung...ini dugong!!!! yeah she's gonna kill me :P

had more coffee and yak yak yak
bitch bitch bitch
:))))))) isn't that's wat Sundays are for? Rest and Relax plus doing stuffs u enjoy.

Monkey didn't have coffee, she finished the whole 5 litres carafe of Sangria

her sofa is really comfortable....with pillow covers bought from Hong Kong
nice color combo :)))))))))

yeah too comfortable that the guests didn't wanna leave :P
we almost slept there....

Guests oso crashed into her bedroom.
Warnings: If u ever gonna invite this group of ladies to ur home....just beware!!!

Chanel Snow Globe!!!!
Monkey has the Karl Lagerfeld one :)))) Gals just lurve all these lil trinkets don't they? :)))

Do u know that only purchases made at the original Rue de Cambon store receive the WHITE paperbag? Other Chanels around the world uses the BLACK paperbags. In case u were wondering, yes Monkey collects those white Chanel paperbags....*roll eyes now*
Once we were done harassing her bedroom, we went and crashed her guest room. :P
The wall of the guest room
I like :))) very minimalist
her guest bathroom were of hotel's standard
puts any other bathrooms to shame!!!! hahahahaha
my beloved Beautiful CS, the biggest Monkey of all....hahahahahaha
yes all my bad behaviors were from this woman :P
blame her blame her!!!

from the faces, u can tell who's the culprit right?
Monkey is the sweet, kind, polite person.....kekekekekkeke
Finally we crashed back to the couch to zzzZZZZzzzzzzzz
wat a lazy Sunday afternoon.

While lying down on her sofa, we saw this bird nest liked Lamp.
Maybe one day, a bird will fly in and thought it's a nest :P and starts to build a home here. Oh well in chinese custom, if a bird builds a nest at ur home, it's sure to bring luck to the homeowner eh?

Don't worry Minnie Winnie, with this bunch of guests, they've already brought luck to ur home...hahahahaha
Monkey and hostess Minnie Winnie
Thank you for COOKING!!!!!!
we can't wait for the next one.....yes at your cozy home :)))))
Don't worry about cleaning....there's a really efficient production line at your fingertips. Hahahaha.


Anonymous said...

Nice food. Doesn't look like its prepared by someone who doesn't cook wor. Minnie Winnie's house is nice and well organized.

Chasing Food Dreams said...

nice place.. and btw.. you both could be sisters in the last photo! ;)

CHER-RY said...

Melissa: She tipu orang one. I think she can cook!!

Food Dreams: hahaha yea same smiles :P