Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Oversea Restaurant, Ipoh

Really really extremely succulent melt in your mouth char siew
those yellow thing in the middle were salted duck egg yolk :))))))))) yes I know super sinful can die.

The char siew at Oversea Ipoh is still the best, prepared using the traditional method. When u sink ur teeth into it, u can taste the inferno...hahahahaha...that charcoal fire used to BBQ these babies. While the meat itself was moist and juicy. Heaven.....I had to buy back to KL for my daily cravings...

Really simple soup that tasted amazing....look at the protein floating on top!!!!
it's just a simple very homely Superior Lima Beans and Pork soup
sometimes makes u wonder, why on earth that the most simple thing can be so good?

our dinner proceeded with a grand cru steamed Soon Hock fish
this is a freshwater fish with amazingly fine texture. Because it's caught wild and not commercially farmed, this type of fish fetches really high price in the market.

Oversea restaurant has got a really good base soy sauce. JS can attest to this, coz he purchase soya sauce from them. They don't sell it, but u do have a mouth right? u can ask right? hehehehe
I believe that You should alwiz ask....and you shall receive :))))))))

I've never have this and it's amazing!!!!
simple stir fry of prawns with sawi....really yummy bcoz the vege was fully laden with prawn oil!!!
in the end all the vege were gone and leaving the poor prawns behind.

ohhhh yummmssss. This is their signature dish.
very very umami sticky sweet yummy prawns.

u MUST have it with a bowl of warm rice hahahahahaha
but then the prawn is so just blocked everything away!!!!

the hybrid of chives and spring onions???
Cheng Loong Choi, simple stir fry with some beans sprout. topped with crispy fragrant sotong jerky

the other famous must have at Oversea is their homemade toufu in oyster and soya sauce  served with a type of gourd - petola.

It is not the same as Oversea Imbi........this one was more awesome
remember Ipoh has been famous for their toufu based product.

Comfort food of Claypot Yam and dried tasty!!!
I mean I never had this before but it's really yummy. The yam was cooked to perfection, soft in the middle. The gravy were mostly starch from the yam itself through the cooking process. I guess they retained some of the yam aside, and let the rest boiled like volcano until it's all broken apart, before throwing back the huge chunks.

I was already hugging my tummy then before this WHOLE PIECE OF PORK RIB came out!!
the whole slab....
the smell was so good I couldn't say no to this dish.

each of us were served one piece of rib with its crunchy toppings.....leaving a huge slab behind...LOL
guess too much of food for 6 person!!!!!
I know....we are COWS!!!!!

Oversea is well know for their mooncake...
their production factory based in Shah Alam now churns out more than 1.1million pieces of mooncakes per annum for export and local market. Anyway this figure was so 5 years could be more now!!!!!

despite being over-indulged, the COWS still managed to chomp down 3 different types of mooncakes...
tsk tsk tsk....

Oversea was established in 1977 back in Imbi...before opening their first branch in 1982 at Ipoh. However the gap between these 2 is growing really big, with the Imbi outlet getting very commercialized forgoing their quality and philosophy. I prefer to dine at the Ipoh outlet with its authentic methodology in preparing their cantonese cuisine. Just pure, everything done old school way which also means more time consuming. I guess that's why their branch in Singapore closed down after 2 years? or was it 1 year????

Oversea Restaurant
57-65, Jalan Seenivasagam,
30450 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: 605 253 8005

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Chasing Food Dreams said...

mooncakes... havent had it yet but I hope so soon...

what a feast... and salted egg to top off char siew... that dish looks so good it can kill me with its looks... the other dishes... some of them look old school, simple but always good!