Thursday, July 25, 2013

Chicken Rice Challenge

yummy yummy steamed kampung chicken
look at the beautiful yellow thin succulent skin!!!!

2 Sundays ago, we had a chicken rice challenge at Yiks and Joanna. Not that any of us gonna cook chicken rice....but more of a tapao-blind-tasting-chicken rice session. Hua hua hua.

I think Si Fu bought the above steamed kampung chicken rice and it was really juicy delicious and yummy. My favourite of the lot :)))))))))

Roasted chicken was not too bad
my memory was so bad *thanks to all the champagnes*, I forgotten who brought wat.
but I definitely brought champagnes and my tummy :P *hic*

as we were having a food suicide on the front, there's more cooking done at the back.
lovely lovely fresh ingredients :))))))))))

Yong Tou Fu was cooking at the back
I didn't have any coz it's supposed to be a chicken rice challenge ain't it?
selfish me forgotten that JS doesn't eat poultry and all the dearie friends were so kind enuff to prepare plenty of non-poultry for him.

J&J Jelina made an imperial stock soup with loads of ingredients...
Japanese mushrooms, keichi, scallops and abalone. SO yummmsss. Think I had 3 bowls :P

Baba Brian touched down from Tokyo that morning "remote-controlled" prepared this dish of yummy succulent beef rendang. JS is one lucky boy with all these non-poultry dishes.

J&J Jelina also cooked this special yummy mud crab curry!!!
oh yummmsss~~~~
Not everyone were keen on the food though...
Keith was so busy assembling lego for his son
hahahaha these days, toys are so complicated it needs adults' "supervision"
and as we speak, Laurel has delivered their 2nd baby. Congratulations!!! We look fwd to meeting all of you again this weekend.

anyone keen on chicken feet?
hehehehe with its condiments of ginger sauce, chili sauce, dark soya sauce.

 Yiks was savouring the last few drop of a really special collection of champagne

a special KRUG collection 1985
just enuff to go around once. Hahahahaha. Thank you for sharing my dear friend :))))

bottles and bottles of champagnes and white wines chilling in the ermmmm....pails?
I know.....we were drink such rare gems in such unglam chilling tong. Hahahahaha
but it's sure effective though coz we didn't have a huge ice box to cater to all the drinks.

Later, Champagne Queen Val brought another Roasted Chicken Rice from a different stall. This one was a bit salty or prollie our palate were all koyak with too much of flavours from too many different kinda food.

Hey I thought this was supposed to be a chicken rice only challenge? Why u guys alwiz never stick to the theme???

Chicken innards....
me no eat innards.....:P

Beansprout waiting to be fired on the wok

We didn't stay long. Only 3.5 hours b4 dashing off to the airport.
Wahahahahaha....that's our kinda weekend...Fly in to Singapore, Food Suicide, Boom and Fly out.

almost had to wheel me out with her baby chair, coz my tummy was so round :P
*staring at my tummy now*
at this rate I am goin, I better be running 12km everyday.

Wohoooo this weekend another round.
I m looking fwd to M People's food suicide again :))))
Till the next 24 hours folks!!!


på9ån said...

all the food looks damn awesome!!! and the champagne chilling in pails are hilarious!! hehee

Anonymous said...

OMG! What a feast! Everything just so yuumy. I'm salivating edi lar... hohohoho..*wipe wipe*

Chasing Food Dreams said...

love how you all paired street food with KRUG! fuyoh... ;)

CHER-RY said...

Pagan: hahaha yes when u have not much facilities, gotta innovate it outta the pails :P

Melissa: chicken rice is alwiz yummy yummy

Food Dreams: it paired very well bcoz the rich chicken rice was paired with some acidic champagnes, and some even richer champagnes to enhance it :)))