Monday, July 08, 2013

Chang Jiang White Coffee Shop, Jalan Pasir Putih Ipoh

a yummy rich cup of milk coffee with buttered kaya toast
this is wat  I call comfort food hahahahahaha :))))))

One can get lost in Ipoh just looking for coffee shop because they have abundance of them everywhere at every corner and in between. You won't know which one to visit unless a local refers them to you.

Last weekend, JS and Monkey were in Ipoh again to sort some issues and can't leave behind before indulging ourselves with FOOD...not just any food for the sake of filling our stomachs...but it has to be GOOD food....hahahaha

again, Monkey's philosophy....if I ever gonna put calories into my body, it better be worth it!!!!

The other toast we ordered was this bun toast....
it's light and crispy on the top with some crust
very very simple.....just some butter and kaya

inside it's really fluffy
how could something so simple and "everyday" be such a pleasure?

a little information about Chang Jiang white coffee, it's actually a coffee manufacturer. They have now expanded their business into retailing as well, hence this coffee shop.  It is a pretty young company having started back in 1995 with one of the very first to serve white coffee.

Their coffee is really rich and thick, I would recommend ordering the Iced Whited Coffee which is of a slightly diluted version, thanks to the ice :))))))) I have no complains, as long as my daily dosage of coffee is met :))))))

Chang Jiang Coffee Shop
171 Jalan Pasir Putih,

Ipoh, Perak.


claudia said...
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claudia said...

Sorry, just to acknowledge that the shop address does NOT belong to our company. We do not own any retail shop for this moment. Thank you for your support.
Please contact hotline 1700 81 9898 for further information.
From Chang Jiang