Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Chuan Fatt Curry Noddle, Ipoh

a platter of thinly sliced char siew, fried pork rib, roast pork, chicken wings

it's pretty rare that we get to come to this coffee shop to eat because JS will want his favourite curry mee at the roundabout, Prince C will wanna head to the one opp the police station....while I Ching and poor Monkey alwiz have the last say....grrrRRRRrrrr

there was once, we drove our separate ways for breakfast bcoz we just didn't wanna accommodate anyone that particular morning...I think this is a better arrangement because we don't have to sulk to some curry mee that we don't like. Hahahahahahahha

so last weekend, JS sulked his way with the ladies for curry mee at this place....kekekekekekeke. Coz he didn't have a car :P wuahahahahahahaha.......but Monkey has.....wuahahahahahahaha.

I prefer the curry noddle at this particular coffee shop for its balance taste and its condiments of deep fried meat. They do sell steamed chicken as well, I have yet to try it bcoz I had to have their deep fried juicy chicken wings :))))))))

I find the curry noodle opp the police station is too "garlicky"....after that meal, not only I can kill all the Yap Ah Loy vampires in Ipoh but all my neighbours and friends......*breathe out loud like Darth Vader...hAAAAAAAA*
While the one served at the roundabout was too rich and thick. It's just too rich for my tummy with a lot of santan.

anyway, everyone has got different palate and preference. From time to time, I do give in and visit the garlicky and Santan place just bcoz sometimes......sometimes I DON'T HAVE a car in Ipoh as well. I don't like the feeling of being this handicapped. Been driving ever since I've gotten my license at 17 so....U can't keep this monkey still or without a CAR!!!
a saucer of curry sauce is usually served on the sides, this is the format here in Ipoh. It's for you to dip your condiments innit. The condiments were so yummy on its own, u dunnit anything to go with it.

Si Fu Lawrence said, the key to a good curry is the OIL
OIL???? well I don't understand....only those cooking gurus analyze things like these...
Anyway he's been cooking fiery stuffs and curries at his home in Singapore. Looking at his pics sometimes made me drools. Woohooooo I can't wait for this weekend!!!! more makans in Singapore :)))))))))) and minums.....hehehehhehehe *hic*

Finally the "noodle" came....
Monkey doesn't consume yellow noodle. Unless it's hokkien mee. I just didn't like that particular chemical taste in yellow noodles. So since young, I've alwiz had mee hoon, kuey tiow, loh shi fun etc and such.

the format here is pretty clean....no cockles no toufu no all those peripherals. Just simple clean poor man kinda bowl of noodle...okie lar minus that plate of luxurious meat.

Time to chomp chomp chomp nom nom nom
and I alwiz had to wear WHITE whenever it's Curries/Laksa/Rendang Day!!!!
will need to carry a disposal bib next time in my handbag.

oh well, it doesn't guarantee my "safety" even with bib or napkin coz my housemate aka JS tends to splatter his food everywhere....

There was once I Ching was using her spanking new limited edition Chanel White handbag and JS was eating chocolate fondant...go figure wat happened next.

do give this place a try, never know if u'll prefer it over the rest in Ipoh :))))

Chuan Fatt Curry Noddle
294 Jalan Pasir Putih,
Ipoh, Perak.

*same row as Caltex petrol station, within walking distance...so that will be your landmark*

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Chasing Food Dreams said...

never had such a curry mee before.. will bookmark this down to try...

so besides going in different cars t oget yr different fix, now you need different tables from JS to make sure he dont splash on you?? lol... ;)