Wednesday, July 03, 2013

JS cooked Chinese

Viola looked so stunned here. Coz Monkey has the tendency to do such frightening candid shoots, jumping outta nowhere :P

Last Friday, we hosted dinner at home....and instead of the usual modern european fare...this particularly group of friends requested CHINESE!!!!

JS went GAH!!!
chinese theme????

JS: "Monkey, wat shall we cook?"
Monkey: "U mean wat shall YOU cook?"

JS -_-"
Monkey: "Haiya...easy lar...just cook watever u cooked for me for dinner...the usual fares..."
JS: "Are u sure? U think our discerning high standard friends can accept the usual fares????"

and we started off with a really discerning intense Imperial Stock with grand cru fish maw and scallop....hahahahahaha....

it was the first course and sure did left an even more intense memory in everyone's mine for it was the fish of the nite!!!!! JS prepared the imperial stock a few days earlier, double-boiling it for god knows how many hours....with kilos of ingredients...leaving only precisely 8 bowls of soup. He then threw away his kilos of ingredients which consisted of meat, scallop, mushrooms and more meat with collagen...namely the wings the feet etc. HAHAHAHAHAHA

as everyone was smacking their lips licking their soup spoon....all eyes turned to the hostess for another bowl....Monkey had to declare: "Sorry only one bowl each!!!!"
there was a sigh of disappointment.....

File pic taken from a few months ago - Fish Maw soup
One huge bowl to myself....with the highest quality fish maw....look at its gelatine!!!

hahahhaaha I know...I'm a lucky bastard...don't be jealous.
This is like my usual fares :P for dinner at home.

Our guests are really well behaved ones...hahahhaha
they sat through the entire nite for dinner until 1.30am!!!! But most of all they finished everything!! That's a compliment to the chef :)))

"Don't bring anything!!! I'm warning u all!!! no food ok!!!"
and all of them bring stunning wines and champagnes instead :)))))))))))))

2nd course was the awesome Har Ji Meen
noodle was smuggled in from Hong Kong last week, made with Langoustine oil which JS procured from a wholesaler who only sells to Hotels and Restaurants. They have been wondering where is this restaurant that JS's been cooking at.....hahahahahaha.

Sometimes when raw ingredients and wines were being delivered by supplier they were lost...They will drive up and down the private road....past the hotel and resort and still can't make up the address. Finally they had to call JS and enquire where is this "restaurant"

JS: "Who said it's a restaurant!!! it's a home!!! send my damn fresh produce to me now!!!"
Delivery: "Oh soli Boss!!! I was wondering which restaurant was this."

anyway back to the Har Ji Meen
very very so so so damn yummy!!!!!
simple but the taste profile was pretty complex.

our in-house sommelier for the evening Dr. Epicurean paired it so well with Corton Charlemagne
He could already imagined the taste profile before eating them

a week leading to the dinner, the Men were busy preparing the wines. Dr. Epicurean was interviewing JS on the elements and types of ingredients with some description of taste profile, so he could prepare wines that pair well.

Oh my gawd...I tell u...all the preparation made sense. I've never had chinese food with wines this good. So so so so yummy. The umaminess lingered in my mouth.

MW Maho was so eager and asking wat's for the next course? Hahahahahahaha. I think this is such a beautiful pic of please don't spank me.

Earlier, Mean Xer was asking if she could help out *well since she's a professional chef* or at least she could prepare something to bring. No...nothing.... was the answer to her

Mean Xer: "Hey dude, so what's the theme for dinner?"
Monkey: "Haiya...very simple only la...drink soup eat rice."

Mean Xer O.O
"Are u sure?"

Monkey: "Yes.....the usual fares...don't worry...just come in ur shorts and shirt, chill and relax mate!!!"

Ta-Da!!!!!! out came a claypot of rice
All eyes were on it!!!!!

with a separate plate of lap mei served on its side
the whiff of the waxed meat was so pungent....think my hair was infused with it....
not just any waxed meat...but only the best from Yung Kee, Hong Kong.

and paired so well with a La Tache 1986
okie Burgundy fanatics, please don't kill's not that we are snobs or wat...but surprisingly it paired so so so so well. Thank you Viola & Victor for this bottle of wine :))))))

We shall award the Sommelier badge to Dr. Epicurean!!!!
*clap clap clap clap clap*

MW Maho had been traveling/living all around the world and stationed at Hong Kong for many years as well....she stressed that this was the best waxed meat rice she ever had!!!! U sure???? I had better, next time we go Hong Kong together ok? :)))))))

again compliments to the Chef in Pink shirt and apron....JS was pretty happy with the results and taste, though according to him, it can be improved and more adjustments to be made. After all it's his first chinese cook out!!! :))))))))))

Oh well, as usual I'll be his guinea pig till he perfected his dishes. I don't mind actually....

ALL GONE!!!!!!
I only had one small portion!!! where did it all gone to? Who's stomach it entered into???

Dr. Epicurean: "Mine!!!"
this is wat I call...honesty hahahahahhaa

simple fried brocollini
the guests whacked every morsels of it including those that doesn't take vegetables.

"OMG...this is so good....wat did he put inside???" the guests asked
Monkey: "I dunno.....errrr this is like my usual simple fried vege for dinner....taste the same though...nothing special."

soon the guests found out there were sake, shio koji and lots of passion innit......hahahahaha
hello ppl it's just fried vege!!!

Happy guests with a reflection of a Eppy host snapping more candid shots
while poor JS cooking alone in the kitchen.

yes he's a control freak, he managed everything from sourcing ingredients to slicing the garlic, to cooking. With no extra help at all....we don't have a maid......and yes...he cleaned *smiled sheepishly*...I was so drunk that nite I didn't touch the stemwares and dinnerwares. Didn't wanna break any of it. >.<

I know...I'm a horrible housemate...I admit that...and for that I promised to clean next time OK?

Okie...there's some diversion's not really chinese....but this dish was requested by Dr. Epicurean and JS can't say no.

despite its beautiful pink, JS wasn't happy with the results. It's the first time he's using this cut of's leaner and less marbling...oh well there's alwiz a first time, so stick to wat u used best.
:)))))))))))) nevertheless, all were gone and not a single piece was left on this platter

Homemade Roast Pork was especially made for Viola and Victor coz they don't take beef. Served with Vosne Romanee Cros Parantoux!!!!! Thank you to Papa Bear Seiichi and MW Maho for this bottle :)))) beautiful!!!
wuahahahahahhaa yes I know!!! I'm a lucky gal.....
For the guests that evening it was the food...but for me it's the wines!!!!!!

Victor and Monkey, he's wearing MW Maho's funky spectacles.

Both Victor and Viola are security guard gave them a tough time by not letting them into the property because I did not register the name of their driver!!!!

Victor who was already late had to inform my securities: "Of coz his name is not there!!! he's the driver and he's not invited for dinner."

Yes my guards have been harassing most of my guests....and silly me I wrote one of the car plate wrongly and my guard refused entry to them. So So so sorry. But it's better to be safe than never.

okie this isn't chinese either...coz JS didn't know how to make dumplings nor mochi
so instead, he made chocolate fondant which he learned fr french Chef Nicolas Joanny.
If u want the recipe, u can get it from my earlier entry *here*
it's idiot proof!!! esp if Monkey can make it, so can u :))))))

so so yummmssss
Victor had to ask for 2nd helping but he's shy...

Victor: "How long does it take to bake it?"
JS: "only 6 minutes...."
Victor: "Oh wow....I'm so sorry but I would really like to have a 2nd one."

u should have seen how happy JS was...he dashed into the kitchen right away to prepare and bake a SINGLE chocolat fondant for Victor. Eh eh eh u didn't ask the rest of us whether we wanted a second helping or not???

okie all these weren't chinese either.....we failed in running a chinese themed dinner
some fresh berries, homemade chocolate macarons and freshly baked lemon madeleine.

Mean Xer must had been tipsy, she was conducting me like her hobbit in Philharmonic. I was definitely tipsy coz the piece was horrible....missed so many notes and keys..I even forgotten wat did I played for her.
pffftttt :P

What a stunning and special line up......
I don't think we'll ever have another chance like this to drink up all these wines.

Thank you our friends....for celebrating JS & Monkey's 7th anniversary.
It was sure a smashing way to do it :))))))))
Toast to our friendship and many more great wines to come


Chasing Food Dreams said...

gosh.. every single item from homemade... salute JS! Your passion and effort deserves a standing ovation.... :D

Anonymous said...

wow...I must say that those food JS served really up to restaurant's standard. Or mayb better.
BTW...Hepi 7th Anniversary to you & JS! ^_^

js said...

Txs food dreams. Think for everybody home cooked food is the best :))
Txs melissathegreat for dropping by.