Tuesday, July 23, 2013


KRUG collection year 1989
bottle number 5714
each bottle comes with its own certification of authentication

Monkey: "Wat's the occasion?"
JS: "No occasion."

hey every year of production is depleting, every bottle that u drink, makes it one bottle less...so don't just simply open....oh well why am I complaining??? Just drink la :P

Amuse bouche of crispy ebi on even crispier thin bread
Chef's version of cucur udang I think hahahahaha *sempena ramadhan*
nooooooooo this can't be compared with cucur udang, the taste is so much cleaner and not oily at all!!!

My all time favourite of Capellini with abalone.
The tomatoes were to die for....sweet juicy with a lot of umami innit

When we arrived, Chef was still busy drafting the menu and printing them
according to Dearie Puji, Chef Kimura is alwiz very stressed whenever we dine here.

both JS and Monkey were appalled at that comment and automatically pointed at Dr. Epicurean who's having a separate dinner a few tables away. Apparently Dr. Epicurean visits Cilantro almost everyday!!!

so isn't that even more stressful chef? Coz u won't know wat else to cook for him???
EVERYDAY u know?????

lightly battered fried oysters with caviar and lovely greens with flowers
the oysters were still so so so moist and raw on the inside

Scratch Golfer Mr. T looked so tired here.
He's been playing golf under the hot sun that day and was complaining about the undulation of KLGCC. So deceiving.....

If I ever gonna pick up golf again, I want Mr. T to coach me
I've never known a non-professional golfer that has got a handicap of ZERO.
yes ZERO. He ought to be a professional player but he said his time is more precious to make money and golfer doesn't make as much hahahahahaha.

Such is life.....

I've actually forgotten wat was this :P

lovely lovely fish with mushrooms and shavings of truffles, topped with daikon cress
if fish is cooked this way, I don't mind having fish every single day :)))))

Torte of Foie Gras with cherry reduction
apparently only our table has got this :P
sigh, now I know why the chef was so stressed, he had to prepare separate food for us.
heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D
Thank you Chef, u are so thoughtful :)))))))

Prince C: "How come it's so good?"
yeah when the dish was presented to him, he asked why it looked like hamburger

since he lurves to refer everything as hamburger, I actually ordered a mini hamburger/sliders for him at Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Paris a few months ago and he had the same reaction.
Prince C: "Wat is this? hamburger???"
hahahah yes it's really a hamburger so now shuddup and enjoy :P
*read about it here*

yeah shuddup and enjoy :)))))))
I lurve my new Lemon Quartz earrings :))) by Joanne L. Will blog bout it soon :))))))))

wahhhh wat a treat!!!!
esp the Griotte Chambertin :))))))

Which wine do u prefer Mr. T?
He prefers Griotte Chambertin as well :))))))))))

Chef initially prepared Lamb for us but we still prefer le Boeuf :)))))
so simple but yet full of flavours and texture

Prince C was either stressing bout business or about food or prollie wines
I guess most likely the combination of all 3

JS was playing with his New-Leica-which-he-used-me-as-an-excuse-to-purchase and somehow this pic wasn't very well taken....it was blurred. It's like wat...his 3rd? 4th Leica?? I lost count. Just like how he lost count of my bags collection.

anyway I'm not a dessert person plus I was super full, guess I donated my dessert to someone else on the table :P

I can't remember how many times have I blogged about Cilantro for the last few years. But every single visit is a surprise and exciting. We must not make this place a regular *some else it's my canteen* or else we gonna stress Chef and his team out. What say you?

then JS beeped me...."hey we got a dinner party next week here..."
ouch...okie here we come again :))))))

Cilantro Restaurant & Wine Bar
Micasa All Suite Hotel,
368-B, Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2179 8082



Chasing Food Dreams said...

doesnt matter how many times you blog about Cilantro... cos I m still drooling at their food each time... lol... :)

CHER-RY said...

hahah Food Dreams, u are such a true supporter of Cilantro :))