Monday, July 22, 2013


Beautiful golden Keishi Pearls with 18kt plated charms and clasp
the pearls are so organic and pretty!!!

2 weeks ago, Monkey had lunch with Sweet Devil Rachel for a midweek rantings of work and bitchy ppl. Oh well, there's alwiz bitchy ppl around, and both of us are definitely part of this group of ppl...bahahahahahaha. Sometimes, in life u gotta be one to get things done, u can't alwiz be Mr. Nice Guy u know.

after satisfying our palate with bowls after bowls of yummy heart warming porridge at Pak Loh Chiu Chow Restaurant, Starhill.....Sweet Devil Rachel decided that food ain't enuff to cure the heartache.....we needed some retail therapy :P

and before Monkey could ask the Chef how did he prepare the yummy crispy deep fried roast pork belly....Sweet Devil Rachel settled the cheque and pulled Monkey outta the restaurant.
The Duchess earring....
J'adore!!!!! I want!!!

Bowerhaus is a label started by the Lee's sister....Shentel and Elizabeth Lee
in case u were wondering, yes it's the very same Shentel that started Sereni & Shentel label with her best friend.
Read about my color blocking headbands from there *here*

I like this one too in Emerald Quartz!!!
oh...Sweet Devil Rachel wat have u done to me? bringing me here for retail theraphy....I needed financial theraphy after that!!!!

lurve the organic shaped of all the's fresh water pearls so the price isn't sky rocketing :P
Years ago, pearls like this are rejected bcoz of its imperfect it's sorta like by-product? But why reject them when it has such beautiful irregular shapes? Appreciate the work of mother nature yo!!

every piece is unique bcoz each pearl is different in shape and color hues
I am sure u'll be star strucked by their lines of jewelries

and there's more!!!
bracelet charms, necklaces, and more pretty looking earrings!!!!

Currently Sereni & Shentel together with Bowerhaus have opened a pop-up store at Starhill gallery until the end of July. There's still a week more to go, so ladies...hurry up.

If you are not anywhere closeby Starhill Kuala Lumpur, afraid not...there's alwiz online shopping!!! muahahahahaha.
disclaimer: if u did spend a bomb after this post, it is entirely your OWN fault...definitely not MINE. Hehehehehehe.

Shop now at:

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