Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Notre Dame de Reims, Champagne

the beautiful gothic Notre Dame of Reims City in the region of Champagne
centre of the city's attraction, it is celebrating its 800th anniversary in 2011

I can't imagine anything standing this old and so astoundingly beautiful
the Notre Dame has undergone multiple restoration works...
else it won't be looking this solid and pretty rite?
JS just needed to snap this postcard picture of the Notre Dame with the lil board of a champagne bottle
the symbols of Reims....the bottle and the cathedral
the lighter colored stones are the newer restoration works
somehow this cathedral has survived hundreds years of WARS and crusades

Notre Dame was declared a World UNESCO Heritage site only in 1991
I later found out that most Kings of France were crowned in this very Cathedral
all 45 Kings of France
 the main entrance was dedicated to Virgin Mary and child
it's so HUGE I had to tilt my head all the way to view it
its old wooden doors must have weighed tonnes!!!! I think :P
prollie needed a few men to open it
all visitors use a smaller side entrance to go inside
Yes u can go inside, no flash photography and pls remain silent
Really peaceful inside
it just invoke such sense of calmness and soothes you
esp with the grand organ playing

we lurve to visit cathedral on Sundays at mass
with the boys choir singing headed by the Bishop
it's soooo beautiful and emotional though we dun understand a word coz it's conducted in French
the Rose window along the transept of the cathedral
so intricate rite?
I mean to lay colored glasses in such manner where it tells the story of Christ
chandeliers hung low we can almost touch them
these days, they dun use candles anymore.....
Thanks to Thomas Edison we now have lightbulbs
so Let There be Lights.........
back tothe side of the cathedral it is standing high at 81m tall or approximately 267 feet
that's mighty high u know?
to get to the rooftop u need to write in to Palace of Tau to seek permission with a guided tour
Notre Dame Reims is so much more beautiful than the one in Paris
seriously....with its beautiful carvings, statues, facades
just out-shone Notre Dame in Paris which was much simplier and smaller in size
so CANTIK!!!!
I can just sit here all day and be mesmerised by it
though this was the 2nd visit, it is just ain't enuff!!!!!
modern architecture meets the gothic creation
the reflection of Notre Dame on this public library
such beautiful view from the library so who needs books anyway!!!!!!!
Tiny Monkey with the beautiful cathedral
a perfect autumn in Champagne

it has been a pilgrim to return here
so will we come back again next year?
God alwiz has got arrangements for ya
but I like to believe that I hold my own destiny at my own hands
don't you?


Chasing Food Dreams said...

THe NOtre Dame has a very hauntingly beautiful and grandness about it! Salute to the people who actually made the effort to built this beauty.

I also LOVE the color stained glass... gorgeous!!

neil said...

Breathtaking! And... I miss you =)

CHER-RY said...

Food Dreams: hmmm how come I never thought of the word "haunting"...indeed it is hauntingly beautiful kekekekeke

Nee Lee: I miss u too <<<<>>>> hope everything is well there for you. When I m home, we shall hold a feast!!!! U plan ok? :D

neil said...

OK! :X