Thursday, November 24, 2011

My turn.....

tee hee hee it is now my turn to open all my pressies
I mean my purchases :P
opening bags purchase is a RITUAL for Ms. Monkey

whenever u r in Paris, Rue Cambon lot number 31 is a MUST VISIT
coz that's the only Chanel store where u get a white paperbag instead of the BLACK
and it was the apartment of Madam Coco Chanel
what a legendary address :)))))))))
the white Camellia flower - Mdm Coco Chanel's favourite flower
which inspired her hence it was used in most of her designs
told ya opening every purchase is a ritual
by this time, JS kinda got used to my weird habits :P kekekekeke
 more Camellia flowers~~~~~~
the famous interlocking C's
bearing the initial of Coco Chanel
I lurve this color
It's black indoor and is actually blue under sunlight!!!!
with 3 gigantic compartments for all my gadgets
and stuffs a lady could carry these days
since I lurve it so much like a possessed woman at the Chanel boutique,
JS decided to buy it for Monkey
next is a small purchase
which was not a necessity but bcoz it came available in all the XMAS colors
and it was darn cheap!!!!!
this was a pressie for my dearie iPhone 4s which we got in London
merry christmas iphone!!!!
hmmmm I dun have a name for the phone yet

Yves Saint Laurent
another legendary name in Paris

the small Chyc shoulder bag adapted from the classic one
I've been eyeing this baby a few years ago until they designed a smaller petite version
yea small bag for a petite frame like me :D
I wanted RED but it is only available in this yummy green color for the Cruise collection

Monkey: "Do u have it in RED? Rouge??? u know it's for xmas"
S.A.: "I ohn-lee harf dis color Madamoiselle. ONLY ONE piece.....One boutique one piece!!! only one."

guess that was the magic word..
but I really do lurve this color more and more!!!!

then sensing my needs, the clever S.A. added
"U like RED? I harf some-ting red, jessst ah-rrived today, also only ONE PIECE!!!"

gawd how many bags that u got in single piece???
Oh My Gawd!!!!!
they now have smaller Chyc Cabas
the standard size is just too big for me but this version is absolutely .......*speechless*

I just went aaahhhh.....ohhhhh....over it....
then JS said he'll get the red one while I buy the green one

JS: "how come the green one so small and still same price as the red one?"
Monkey: "Good things come in small packages u know" *smirks*
my favourite color :)))))))))
when the Cruise collection hit the stores
I went around asking for specific bags and specific colors
coz not all boutiques carry ALL the sizes of bags

"I want it in SHOCK color not Orchid not Amethyst" *it's the name of the bag color*
S.A.: "Wow.... do u work in Bottega?"
"errr no...I just lurve the brand....hehehehehe."
that was Week 1
the following weeks, both of us had to suppressed the urge to shop
coz there ain't any room to store em
*books, kitchen stuffs, peripherals, gadgets, collectibles, food, decorative items, limited edition items, wines....*
looks like we have to leave some stuffs behind huh?

and I haven't even go to factory outlets yet *scheduled next week*
think have to cancel this plan


Chasing Food Dreams said...

Love all the colors.. especially the red YSL & the Shock BV!!

What a lovely early Christmas pressies!!!! ;0)

Baby Sumo said...

WOW! So many lovely purchases :)

licheng said...

gorgeous gorgeous buys! SHOCK, what a way to describe the color :D

CHER-RY said...

yea yea very very lovely indeed!!!! it's limited edition for the green one and the one in Red is also limited for that size. The Biggest size Cabas is available in Red any other time.

I guess they ran out of names for their colors every season and I'm still collecting all the nice colors every season :)))))

Anonymous said...

oh I like the Red YSL!