Monday, November 14, 2011

Chez Francis

A bouquet of freshly shucked french oysters
our first lunch in Paris

we didn't actually have lunch the moment we landed
coz it was about 7.30 am when we checked into the hotel
hahahahaha the beauty of flying at nite and land 1st thing in the morning

Chez Francis is one of the top brasseries in Paris, a place to rendezvous for more Parisiens
afterall it is just at the corner of Avenue Montaigne - the shopping strip
u can just walk along this avenue looking at all the major Fashion Houses

Parisiens just lurve to sit here, do ppl watch while sipping their cuppa
in fact this Brasserie face the Eiffel Tower
forgotten to snap pic of its beautiful view

the rounded flat shell Belon oysters
native in Europe, it is sought after for its delicate sweet metallic taste
only oysters harvested from the Belon river can be called Belon...
*like sparkling wines from Champagne can only be named after it.......*
they also has got an AOC classification, just like wines

while Fin de Claire oysters have got a sharper taste and saltier
these are the more common oysters
also comes in grading system
the oysters were still alive kekekekekeke....

crispy butter fried Sole fish
I came with this in mind
delicate sweet meat cooked just right
with its crispy edges which I chomped on incl its bones

so simple and yet so delicious...unbelievable
French are really good with their seafood!!!!!
Chez Francis only serves WILD fish.......amazing huh?

Ok this salmon was not WILD but was ORGANICALLY farmed
the only item farmed on its menu
the Chef somehow perfected this...with its moist flaky pink meat and crispy edges
must be cooked on a super hot pan

Grilled Sea Bream
this one was to die for!!!!!!
yes I know the pic did no justice to this dish
it was grilled but then when u tear into its's almost steamed...
or should I say salt baked????
the skin was crispy with its juicy fish oil oozing out~~~~~

usually the waiters will prepare the fish for u
as in "filet" the meat after presenting the whole fish to diners
but we specifically requested no preparation...just give us the WHOLE fish
afterall we are chinese hahahahahaha
we eat our fish WHOLE with head and tail

Off topic:
we've been getting a lot of Japonaise comment
"Non!! Je suis Chinois!!!! Chinois!!!!!"

he's lookin rather grumpy here
either too much of food or the sun :P

creme brulee~~~~~
well u r in France so let's stick to french desserts
afterall they make the best here

really really creamy....
soft and not too sweet
it's like scooping heaven into your mouth

Clementine Sabayon was amazing!!!!!!!
I guess the fresh ingredients in abundance here made all these possible
sometimes Simplicity is the key

this place was definitely great that we returned again 

Chez Francis
7 Place de L'Alma,
7508 Paris.
Tel: +44 01 8228 7739


Wei's said...

*Salivating all over the pc now*

CHER-RY said...

Warning!!! do not read this blog when u r hungry!!!!

Chasing Food Dreams said...

The oysters & desserts looked to-die-for... *envy envy* ;0)

CHER-RY said...

Hello Food Dreams, alwiz lovely to hear from you :)
Yeah u are 300% right...desserts and oysters to die for!!!!