Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal *One Michelin Star*

We couldn't get a reservation at the world famous Fat Duck restaurant
*World Number 1 in 2005 and no. 5 in 2011*
Think u need to make reservation 9 months in advance
or have connectionsSSsssssSSSsssss

Heston Blumenthal opened another creative establishment at Mandarin Oriental by the Hyde Park
and he named it.....Dinner
afterall Dinner is a ritual in many cultures
as he described it..."a formal evening meal, typically one in honour of a person or event"

even this new establishment got a MICHELIN STAR in less than a year
and we couldn't get any reservation for dinner
nothing until February 2012
and we were so lucky to managed a table for lunch
so so so very lucky!!!!

and he's the reason we crossed the English Channel during this trip
otherwise we wouldn't have stopped by in London
the restaurant itself faces the beautiful Hyde Park
which we took a nice stroll with squirrels trailing behind us after this amazing lunch
Princess Diana's Memorial is at this park
sorry for the quality....
my hands shaked so much
either from the excitement of dining at this establishment or just TOO HUNGRY
our beautiful bags have their own lil corner
most of the time, restaurants offered stools or bag hangers for guests/ diners

Off Topic:
this morning, while having coffee in Rennes an old lady was so amazed at my Alessi Cat bag-hanger
she kept on telling me in french how beautiful and practical it was
and this Monkey gave her the Alessi bag hanger
she was so delighted hahahaha
well I would be, to receive a gift from a stranger

and in less than 12 hours time, I got a new Alessi bag-hanger from the boutique
the very same one, afterall it was only Euro 17 here
as compared to hundreds of dollars in Malaysia -_-"
stupid government tax!!!!
freshly baked bread
the format at this place is re-interpreted historically inspired British cooking
it still looked modern to us :P
Roast Marrowbone
inspired from english cooking in 1720
served wtih parsley, anchovy and mace with pickled vegetables
everything was so fine!!!!
Roast Scallop from 1820
served with cucumber ketchup *yes a ketchup made from cucumber*
with purple sprouting broccoli and borage
I've never seen such tiny broccoli!!!
Meatfruit inspired from english cooking in 1500
it was highly recommended by Peakie D and so I had this :D
so pretty rite?
everything can be eaten except the green stalk + leaves
it's actually really really creamie and smooth chicken liver parfait 
with a hint of Mandarin
served with grilled bread
and this is how u eat it!!!!

I am not a fan of parfait but this was amazing
the texture was so smooth
and the richness of the chicken liver was balanced by the citrus of Mandarin
the butter was so yummy here we had so much :D
JS really brought Miss Monkey roamed the Earth
Spiced Pigeon from the 1780
with Ale and Artichokes
Roast Halibut from 1830
with Dandelion leaves and cockle ketchup
this guy has got a fetish for ketchup I think
but his definition of ketchup isn't the same as the tomato ones that u consumed
guess the technique in making it is the same????

I had this amazing AMAZING Black Foot Pork Chop inspired from year 1820
served with Spelt, Pork Fat, deep fried cripsy pork fat and Robert sauce

the meat was char-grilled in the oven with wood fire
since the kitchen is an open concept type
u can watch everything....EVERYTHING!!!
we also ordered the famous double fried chips

JS attempted this 4 years ago, recipe from Heston Blumenthal's book
it took so much of effort
to boil, chill, deep fried, chill, deep fried again
just to achieve this texture and result
made from Maris Piper potatoes
it has a good taste and nose
very very potato-ish
nothing that u can get back at home
and it was super crispy even after 45 mins
all the fire woods for cooking
for dessert we had an amazing Lychee Frozen Ice from the 1590
served with roseship jam, Barberie granite and Red Current
very very refreshing
Tipsy Cake from the 1810
this was really amazing

the spit roasted pineapples on the side were slow roasted for hours
caramelized and crispy on the edges
it was honey suckled sweet

while a special type of dough were used
with lotsa alcohol innit
I dunno wat type of alcos were used
but indeed this Tipsy Cake did earned its name
yeah the dough was crispy all over on its edge
soft and fluffy on its side
it has absorbed most of the alcos
very very rich and yummy
one of the signature dish here 

one of the petit four of chocolate mousse
after the rich yummy Tipsy Cake, we couldn't manage anything else
Tea is a very English thing
so we must must have tea here in London

Overall it was a very good experience and beyond expectation
food is so simple and yet so complicated to prepare
guess that's what Heston Blumenthal aimed to achieve here 
afterall he's the Molecular Gastronomist!!!!

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal
Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park,
66 Knightsbridge,
Tel: +44 20 7201 3833



Chasing Food Dreams said...

I have heard of the famous Fat Duck but this is the first time hearing a 9 month reservation... holy smoke!!

My heart is filled with envy of the succulent Black Pork Foot Pork Chop, smooth Chicken Liver pate, french Bread and that awesome looking fried chips!!

The dessert of Tipsy cake looked fabulous lah... sigh... makes me hungry now... ;0)

Now I know why the 9 month reservation.... :P

CHER-RY said...

yea u do need to be in their waiting list to get Fat Duck. Last time used to be only 2 months back in 2007.

This lil casual place called Dinner by Heston Blumenthal is easier to get in....at least 2 months in advance only. Also depending on period and luck :)))

Chasing Food Dreams said...

Dinner is casual? I wonder what Fat Duck is then cos that dinner looked like fabulous fine dining... :P

Dinner also need 2 months? Sigh.. guess need lots of patience with such artist... :0)