Thursday, December 01, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld for Sephora

yeah I know *rolls eyes*
I got this golden dust globe of Karl Lagerferld and some other items
exclusively for Sephora Europe & Singapore

it's just so pretty that I must have it
even though JS said it's of no use
and will consume some space in our luggages

afterall Christmas is just around the corner
need some chrimassy stuffs to hype up the mood
but I'm already on that mood for the past 5 weeks

and today, ter-accidentally stepped into 31 Rue de Cambon again
came out with a shopping bag
aiks *another Chanel bag*
Karl Lagerfeld, u do know how to earn my $$$ don't ya?

My only wish is u live a long LONG LONG long long LONG life
to continuously design fabulous ohhh ahhhh objects of desire
be it for Chanel or Fendi or even your own label :))))))))

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