Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Khan's Restaurant, London

established since 1977 by the Khan family
it is one of the best Indian restaurant in London
truly authentic and everything remained the same from its recipe to menu and interior deco

However be aware
there's another imitation of Khan's nearby
so make sure that u are at the right restaurant *coz apparently the other one sucks big time*

crispy sweet onion bhaji
the service here is fast and communal
but definitely not for the Europeans and locals
yeah locals as in Londoners

coz it's amazingly spicy
anyhow this is just the way Msians lurve it
a good place to cure your pang for spicy food
*the only thing I missed while travelling = chilis*

Mutton Curry was melt-in-your-mouth
yes spicy...and the taste of spices just lingers
very long length, must be the cardamom

chicken dopiaza
was very sweet thanks to heaps of onions used to cook this curry

if u are looking for atmosphere then this place is not for you
Khan's is a family restaurant with loud atmosphere and no-frill services
but rest assured, the food is REALLY REALLY GOOD

a bowl of homemade fresh yogurt to kill all the spiciness
I guess being Msian we dun really need this but it was good coz it's homemade!!!!
oh YUMSSS!!!!
crispy and warm garlic naan fresh from its Clay Oven
and I promised myself not to pile too much on this.....
coz the STAR of the nite has yet to come!!!!!!
we came all the way for this :))))))))))))))
the most authentic biryani good as those from Hyderabad
ok ok I've never been to Hyderabad, India but testimonials said so
We also ordered another plate of CHICKEN BIRYANI
*all the chickens were hidden underneath the rice*

but my recommendation would be Lamb Biryani, NOT bcoz the chicken version wasn't good but your stomach can only store so much unless u have a huge group!!!!
the grains were cooked together with the meat layers by layers
together with lots of precious spices
the mutton tears by itself......*sigh* aaaaAAaaaaaaaaaaaa
OMG I want this now!!!!!

since it's all done in layers....u need to scoop some rice and some meat
coz most of the gravy sticks to the meat
now I wished JS can make this at home
eh why are u not Chindian??? then I get to eat all these at home
*chinese and indian food*

Sag Paneer
a vegetarian dish of spinach cooked with homemade cottage cheese

there are other exciting stuffs on its menu
but our stomach can only store so much
Monkey almost.....*almost*...really that close to "tapau" more Mutton Biryani home
it was so so so so so so EXTREMELY good
Remember to go to the original Khan's
and not the other fake one :P
Khan's Restaurant is really value for money
a plate of Mutton Biryani cost GBP 7.40

there are huge numbers of Arab customers
coz this place is Halal with no alcohols

anyhow Britain has got one of the highest Indian immigrants
so this place better be good and be as authentic as possible

Khan's Restaurant
13-15, Westbourne Grove,
London W2 4UA.
Tel: +020 7727 5420
Take the tube to Bayswater and walk pass Whiteley Shopping Centre until u reach Westbourne Grove, then turn left...the restaurant is just there.

PS: around this area there is another popular Roast Duck place called Four Seasons. Am sure all of u know this...they've opened a branch in Malaysia at Empire Gallery. Go visit. :))


js said...

This restaurant brings back a lot of memories of my early days in UK. It's was our(msian students) favourite restaurant cos the food was nice and the A good formulae for success. During my student days we could eat £10 for 4 px!! That lamb briyani only cost like £2 and today it's still the same size!
We had this meal(as per pic in blog) for like £50+ for 4 px. That's RM250. For the same price in RM, I don't think you can eat this at the spice of India restaurant in KL!!

CHER-RY said...

JS: *ahem ahem* so during ur school days in UK *ahem ahem* u went with which girlfriend yea? *ahem ahem* kekekekekeke....but then u were just 15...a naive boy...:D heeeeeee.

Tell u a secret, your mommy gave me a pic of ur schooling days in UK. It's on my office table.....u looked so.....ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

js said...

Ah piau??? :))))

Chasing Food Dreams said...

Ah so JS went to school there... no wonder you guys know where all the good stuff are there... ;0)

and yes, I heard about fabulous Indian food in London.. they say its truly authentic and some even say better than here in Msia!!

licheng said...

everything looks so good!!

CHER-RY said...

Food Dreams: Their Indian Cuisine is really authentic...too many immigrants there. Definitely better than Malaysia...this we can confirm!!!

Kindy Chai: yea simple and nice!!! especially the Biryani...i'm still thinking about it :D