Friday, November 25, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent's office

We were busy shopping on the famous strip in Paris
jumpin from brands to brands we actually entered into YSL's Office :P

yeah when u r so intoxicated with retail therapy
u dun really know if u r goin into the boutique or apartment or office

Once at the reception, 3 beautiful french lady greeted me
all of them in chic YSL suits *what else!!!!*
lips painted with the signature YSL RED
hair tied in neat chignons
wearing YSL black patented pumps shoes

I then only realised, these 3 beautiful TALL ladies were the receptionists of YSL House
wow.....u ladies hiring??? I make quite good coffee :D:D:D
well I didn't say that of coz

realising we were inside YSL House *wooohoooo wat an accidental privilege*
we acted stupid and asked: "This is not a boutique????" followed by eyes wide wide opened kekekekekeke

they were so helpful and gave me a YSL postcard with all the boutique addresses in Paris
and even showed me on the map 
*though we already know it at the back of our hands*

then I caught a glimpse of another good looking despatch boy pushing the clothes rack
full of YSL pret a porter into the workshop
ooooo these could be the future collection!!!!

this is also the very same building where chief designer Stefano Pilati works his magic
*Yves Saint Laurent the man died in 2008*
pic stolen from Photog JingNa's site

that glass door with the YSL logo on the right
was an automated glass door which I used

coz the wooden one was obviously not working
for security purpose, u need to punch in passwords to get into the wooden doors
so u can't really blame me for invading this office
it's just too good looking to be an office/workshop etc

I think it's a must-do *visiting the original maison/house* if u appreciate fashion
it's like how JS visits all his fav winemakers
the very same building/apartment where it all started......


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