Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Our first week in Paris was already quite "koyak"
nothing works harder than our plastic....
plastic credit cards that is....
everything is at least 30% to 40% cheaper so how not to buy????

and now on week 4 in Europe we are having storage problem
tsk tsk tsk may need to courier/ship some stuffs back
and JS already shipped most of his wines purchases back home
his happiest purchase and gift
don't think many STRAIGHT men would walk into a boutique and get themselves 2 bags
really....not that many

pics taken from our hotel
Lutetia Hotel a wonderful classic hotel decorated by designer Sonia Rykiel
celebrating its 101th years old
yes it is old,elegant and yet modern classic
if u r wondering....nope we haven't seen any ghosts here yet
Edmond Goyard started as a trunkmaker in Paris, who took over from his father 
and they are still the famous LEGENDARY trunkmaker in the world
yes Goyard has got a long long long LONG long long history 
dated back to his grandfather's time....

the family runs a long LONG long 2 centuries old business of transportation of woods by the rivers in Burgundy
however Edmond Goyard himself was born in Paris after the grandpa decided to move everyone to Paris
they were located at this very same address since 1853
cool eh?
Lot number 233 at the famous shopping strip of Rue Saint Honore
*our fav shopping strip :D*
 the distinctive yellow paper for all Goyard's packaging
it has got the initial "Y" monogram formed by three chevrons
also in the shape of tree - symbolised the family's business, which was related to trees
a messenger bag which JS got for himself
in a very nice BLUE color

Goyard sells all colors at an additional of 30% except black, tan and brown
JS was so infatuated by this bag
he even showed it to me how he can carry it so well
esp to work -_-

JS: "Hey hey...look look!!!! so cun rite? I can store my ipad, my document and other lapsap in."
Monkey: "Yes it's very nice but so exp!!!! I can buy a Chanel at that price ady!!!"
its stitching were all handmade
if it's not for the timeframe of 6 weeks, JS would have gotten it monogrammed with his initials
basically it's custom made upon request with your chosen font, initials, colors, design.......

and what about this?
the famous YELLOW Goyard???
 Look at its perfect stitches
 think I'm beginning to fall in lurve with this brand
this one is Monkey's gift to JS
and he already started using it with pride
 nice really nice :)))))))))
hmmm I dun think u can carry both like that without looking like a walking Goyard advertisement board
I'll post my purchase soon ok but I guess u already have a sneak peak from the first pic

in the mean time, will keep u guys posted on our whereabouts :))))
can't wait to explore Barcelona tomorrow morning


Tsu Lin + + said...

Dang, i guess it's too late to pesan to help me get a Longchamp bag from Paris then? :(

Chasing Food Dreams said...

I love the yellow Goyard but prefer the messenger design!!

I spied a Bottega Veneta brown paperbag... what did you buy? (me kay poh- optional to answer...kekeke) ;0)

neil said...

I spotted Berr on your pillow! :D

CHER-RY said...

TL: haha it's never too late....u can alwiz take a TGV and get it but then it's also cheap in London. A Euro 58 (before VAT) in Paris, the same bag cost RM 540...super crazy!!!

Food Dreams: I've posted on what I've bought on Week 1....hope u have a satisfied view...kekekeke...

Nee Lee: hahhahahhaha u have got very very sharp eyes!!!!

Tsu Lin + + said...

**smacks monkey's head**

Nebermind. I just bought one from Selfridges online today bcos got 20% off. But nothing to shout about lah. They dun have those limited edition ones. So I bought the metallic range.

Anonymous said...

Oh, good taste JS! I think ur one bag, Monkey can buy a few....hehehe!
Nice nice nice!


Anonymous said...

Woaah !!!! The blue bag is amazing !!
You're so lucky!
How much for the blue One ?

Kiss from Paris !