Thursday, November 17, 2011

Le Parc at Les Crayeres *One Michelin Star*

What an enchanting place!!!!!!!
I was smiling from ear to ear when our reservation was confirmed last month

Highly recommended and the top restaurant in Reims, Champagne
It used to be a 3 Michelin Starred restaurant until the Chef left and took everything with him :"(
however Le Parc earned its star again 
the ambience alone was enuff.....dunnit to eat already kekekekeke
so beautiful and legendary that I alwiz....alwiz and all the time felt I'm under-dressed whenever we dined here

Seriously I felt like a pauper coming to Marie-Antoinette's dining hall :P
perhaps I should wear my fluffy-puffed-pom-pom gown here *if I have any*
the chandeliers(sssss), paintings, fireplace, facade 
and the beautiful cutlery used
even the carpet is soooo classical!!!!
not to mention its ceiling....all the attention to details
The Pauper looking rather pleased here
yea I think I've gained some weight in France
well how not to with the amount of cheese and wines :P

there's alwiz high quality salt, pepper and butter on a French dining table
We are suckers for freshly baked bread
esp when it is served warm
above was the sourdough and tomato bread
Smoked duck with cream
can't see the duck but it was definitely there
then more cream were poured into it with some orange zest to lift the palate a bit

a beautiful composition of Duck Foie Gras served with beetroot broth
the sweetness of the beets complemented the creamy smooth duck liver

Half baked Salmon in red wine sauce
I think they actually sous vide-ed the salmon to achieve this
these days, all Chefs wanna sous vide everything in their kitchen
the latest craze in culinary world

when I digged in....WOW
the salmon was pink and perfect!!!!
a lot of fish oil so this fish must been a fat bugger :P
very very yummy!!!

Pan Fried Turbot fish with risotto

and a Lobster dish which was good
I can't remember the name of this dish coz we had these 3 weeks ago :P

suddenly came a trolley with a chopping board on it
and a single HUGE RED prawns
the waiting staff then cut it with a sharp knife after presented it to us

to be eaten this way but we were more interested on the prawn head
"wait..... pls.....I want the head!!!"
with a curious look on their face, no question asked, the waiting staffs presented the head separately on another plate for us to chomp chomp

pinkish veal with tagliatelle made from some form of vegetables

Since we are in Champagne, we decided to have bubblies throughout the nite
Rene Geoffroy was one of the champagne-maker we visited the next few days

JS and his usual obnoxious face
Prollie he needed more champagne to smile better
we had so much of food I can barely remember wat we had :P
When the cheese cart came, I know desserts are just around the corner
nyek nyek nyek
Gruyere cheese which was aged for 2 years with some fried apricots, figs and nuts
then came all the mini lil delights!!!!!!
apple tart, rose macaroon, and a beautiful fig tart
so delicate and so tiny!!!!
a chocolate and mint dessert

JS had a chocolate souffle
it ain't any simple souffle, a small incision was made at the centre

a generous dash of liquor was poured in
I shall call this drunkard chocolate souffle

then creamie ice cream was added on the top

the middle of the souffle was still so creamie with rich chocolate oozing out
ice cream then soon melted bcoz of the heat fr the souffle
the dessert cart has got a lot of trinkets for u to choose from
and I chose this yummy cream puff thing like
the outer shell was so crispy with generous fillings!!!!
as though my stomach is bottomless *which I think it is*
I requested for ice creams :D:D:D:D
the dessert cart has got a lot of toppings to go with your ice cream and I chose almost everything
tee hee hee
more chocolates :P
alwiz a treat to come here

Read about our visit last year *here*

Le Parc *One Michelin Star*
Les Crayeres

64, Bd Henry Vasnier
51100 Reims.
Tel: +33 2624 9000


Chasing Food Dreams said...

holy smoking goodness! What a luxurious and grand dinner...I cannot decide which is better... dinner or desserts (especially the souffle!!)

that delectable pink Rene Geoffrey champagne, is that available in KL?

js said...

Hye food dreams. Errrr, that champagne is probably available in spore at artisan cellars. After all it was artisan cellars boss who got us this itinerary. In kul definitely not available. All these small champagne houses produce very good quality wines.

Baby Sumo said...

Wah so nice looking.. both the food and the restaurant.

CHER-RY said...

yes yes everything so nice and very yummy too!!! Great service and attention to details.
What a total dining experience :))))))