Friday, November 18, 2011

Reims town

our hotel was so strategic
which was 3 mins walk from the TGV station
and 10 steps away from the town centre --> this lil roundabout with an angel at the top
Reims *pronounced as RRRRHHHH-armsssss*
is a rather modern city despite holding one of the most important history in the French monarchical history

all 45 Kings of France were crowned in this town at the Notre Dame de Reims
however King Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned in Notre Dame Paris
Today u find all the major commercial brands in Reims
they even have got H&M
nyek nyek nyek nyek nyek

and all the beautiful culinary shop selling trinkets in all sorts of colors
I bought so many gadgets for the kitchen which I dun even know how to use :P
but the most useful one has got to be a scissors to cut chives/spring onions

u see this scissors has got many blades attached to at one snip u can almost cut the whole bunch of chives into fine pieces
so precise like how chives are being prepared in a Michelin starred restaraunt
anyway that means the scissors is thick with multiple blades

but then we need to cut a lot of chives at home???? hmmmm????
I also bought many cute lil moulds to make xmas cookies
yeah like I bake?????? sigh.....
Today Reims city is served by modern, clean and environmental friendly tramways
we didn't take the tram, coz to explore the city u need to get around by foot
I like this building with patches of greenery on its wall
how creative!!!!!
every corner of the city were decorated with beautiful fresh flowers/plants
look at the lamp post!!!!!
U've must been wondering why no cars or people
well this is considered a city in French standard
but to us it's like a kampung with great facilities
population is about 188k so the density is pretty low

since Reims is the capital of Champagne so naturally its major business is wine/champagne
*well that explains why we are here :P*
most big champagne houses are headquartered in Reims while their factory could be outside this city
yep no cars and nobody
we practically stood in the middle of the road or at the roundabout snapping pictures
when the cars came, they stopped and took their time while waiting for you to finish watever u do

there's no swearing
no honking
and no fingers pointing

totally ALIEN for JS and me
and we alwiz cross the road like a typical asians
as in ran across even though it's a ZEBRA crossing

slowly again we adapt the european style of crossing the road...
u dun have to look if there's a car coming or not....just cross the damn road
the huge truck/bus will brake all its might for u, even of it means an EMERGENCY brake :P
privilege of being pedestrians in European countries
the TGV station that serves Reims
Reims to Paris is about 45 minutes, 129km from Paris via TGV the fast train

for more information on Reims city


Chasing Food Dreams said...

Reims looked so peaceful and serene.. great place to settle down to retire... ;0)

Even the sky looked perfect!

js said...

The second world war also ended here with the unconditional surrender of the Germans. Infact the agreement was indeed signed in Reims.

CHER-RY said...

Maybe too quiet to stay for long term :P

Chasing Food Dreams said...

JS: Thks for the interesting info! For a city that went through 2nd WW, the architectures and cobblestone roads seems beautifully intact!

Cherry: Guess one cannot survive alone with only H&M... ;0)