Friday, October 28, 2011

Versace for H&M

the date has been set
the worldwide launch is on 17th November
*we will be in Beaune, France at that time and there's no H&M&

every year H&M collaborates with a designer
not just any designer but a BIG NAME designer
I wasn't very overwhelm when I found out it's Versace
*sorry Versace fans*

so below are some of the more attractive pieces outta her entire collection for H&M
nothing really caught my eyes for the time being
I think the Men's collection is so much more exciting!!!!
prollie I was still so into last year's Lanvin's collection
which I bought every single piece of my wish list and hunting down every single H&M store in the whole of France...

I still remembered....JS brought me to this lil quaint town about 1 hour out of Paris
after 30 mins walking...I said it was such a boring place...and he fed me well with so many food to distract my boredom

but when we saw the red H and the M at the shopping strip....I ran towards it
like a crying toddler running to her mommy....with hands and arms opened....welcoming it...
yeah and I let out a squeal as I ran towards it...
JS slapped his forehead hard at that moment

prollie I am just not a Versace fan...
sigh....wat a disappointment...I mean the collection
since I'm a sucker for collectors and limited items
maybe I'll just get Versace for H&M home collection
like this oriental inspired lil fluffy pillow case????

JS said if nothing interesting they dun buy lor
but I'm still persistent that I ought to own at least a piece from this collection

Read about my fascination with Lanvin's collection
and I got every single piece that I wanted...:P
*Click here to read*

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