Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Lanvin for H&M *and the story continues...*

the much anticipated collection was unveiled on the catwalk and through the world wide web yesterday
all the ladies...pls hold onto ur breath!!!!
after browsing thru, know that there will be sleeping bags outside all H&M stores worldwide on 22nd November....
this actually happened during Jimmy Choo's collection

now go feast ur eyes.......
all dresses are retailing at GBP 99.99
that's Great British Pound
there's more to what I'm posting here today
but Monkey is only uploading *her* pieces

cool skirt eh?
hope I'll be able to walk and sit in this


currently I do have another similar dress like this :)))))

this dress is slightly more expensive at GBP 149.99
also available in Desire Red

I dun have that many tweety bird/ big bird dresses
why do birds have to be yellow????
this one is just another color variation which I adore
could not find this top without a model on the web
I hated their print ads coz the models were just too skinny
*yes I m against super skeleton-y models*
**humans are not suppose to be this match stick skeleton-y thin**

anyhow back to the collection
it will be in the store from 23rd November onwards
yes I.Will.Definitely.Miss.This!!!!
and it is not fair to ask my friends overseas who r super busy with their life to queue/camp up for me
just to get hold of a piece

to make meself happy
think their other collection which is enuff to satisfy me :D

Off topic: 
busy day shoot with a glamorous magazine *yeah super GLAM* :))))
BMW Golf tourney and Miss Monkey needs to present prizes aiiiiii.......
more important arrangement for a very very VIP guest for his arrival this month end....
I.M.SO.Excited that HE is coming..and HE is so darn good looking!!!!
and most of all he is an Olympic gold medalist :)))))))
not once but twice :))))))))


Anonymous said...

wow....all the dresses are so nice!!!

CHER-RY said...

Melissa: YES I KNOW!!!! so pretty kan????

CHER-RY said...

Melissa: YES I KNOW!!!! so pretty kan????

Anonymous said...

Nice dresses!!!

U and ur expression...hahaha...u sound like a little girl waiting to meet her idol!

....who's that anyway? Post up pics ya? :P


CHER-RY said...

Elly: heheheheh...sure will do by end of this month :P

miscell said...

Keen for another type of fashion - the street fashion bazaar and

Tsu Lin said...

I like the red piece & the pink piece. I also like one black one with flower-appliques all over it! Decisions! But you guys can buy it online easier because the collection can b bought online from 0700 that day. I'll still be in dreamland that time.

CHER-RY said...

TL: they are ALL SO NICE!!!!! *drools*