Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Prestige Ball 2010

every year Prestige will throw a party...err I mean a Ball
one of the most sought after Social Event on the yearly calendar
where the high society of Who's Who gather for a nite of enjoyment, social networking *these days u can do it on FB ok* and drinks...

well some ppl just went all the way for the booze...gosh....
"Come we have single malt bla bla bla...U want cigar Ms. Monkey?"

This year's theme was somehow long
bright lights big city....
and dresscode for the gents as usual - Black Tie
and ladies would be flamboyant long gowns with watever feathery headgear that u want

well I dun despise headgears...coz u can wear it with style
but not when I can't define if it's a chicken or a black nest on ur head
or even's that a turban u r wearing there?

yeah the color code was easy - Pink, White, Black
they used a lot of pink lights in the ballroom...
hence all pic turned pinkish :P

food was normal, edible lar
think I'm so spoilt if only I have THAT budget to run an event
rest assured, my guests will wine and dine the way I want it to be :P
but then again...u dun alwiz get wat u want at the company's expense
most gents turned up in their pengi suit
kekekkeke wat else can they wear right?

somehow there are a few who came in PINK tux!!!!
wow me kow-tow man :P
ain't easy for a STRAIGHT man to carry a pink tux
well that if he's straight...anyhow I dun give a shit whether a person is straight or not
I lurve both!!!!!
yep dun b disappointed that there's not a glint of pink in us.....we just played it & white :D

we were just afraid someone else may turned up in the same gown we were wearing
thank gawd that didn't happen

I almost tot I saw another laydee in a white gown with an open back
my eyes dilated...and this Monkey actually went nearer to confirm...hahahah
kiasu me :P

Hair by Albert Nico, inspired by Taylor Swift
coz I wanted it to be romantic and classic at the same time
it soooooooo not me :P

Monkey kenot carry classic and romantic look lar....failed...hahahahaha

in the end it's not about the dress and the looks and Who's who
it's about having FUN with the ppl u adore!!!!!


Anonymous said...

don't did look elegant anyway ^^

CHER-RY said...

Melissa: Hey babe, r things over at ur end? :)))

Anonymous said...

hmmm.....duno leh..being hunting for a house a few months oledi...price are hiking fantastically man...*sigh*

other than that...hmm...should be HAPPY GO LUCKY I guess ^^

CHER-RY said...

Melissa: Must take ur time and dun rush takes a lot of efforts and time to get wat u like based on location, design and budget.

Happy hunting!!!!!

Anonymous said... are right!
THANKS...*take care* =)

continue to post lotsa nice food yea =)