Friday, November 26, 2010

Balenciaga First

Balenciaga First - limited edition in lizard skin
it's slim chance of getting it...but one of my fav piece
in pomegranate nice kan!!!!!!
so dear a certain someone who is this the color u wanted?
and is this the exact model u want??? this is not a Giant City but Balenciaga First.....lemme know yea...
in Bois de Rose
but maintenance is a nightmare
Balenciaga Giant First in sea green
I dun have any bag in this color but this is so not me and so seasonal
Balenciaga Giant First in Peony
okie I just got a Prada in this no

again dear a certain someone....
there's a difference between City and Giant City

*tap tap tap*


Anonymous said...

I think I would either pick pomegranate or black. but i know u like pomegranate very much lahhh =p

licheng said...

ohhhh..the colors are so pretty!!!

CHER-RY said...

Melissa: yes I buying the pomegranate for my friend....difficult to say..coz there's so many other colors in the boutique

Kindy Chai: yes very pretty but seasonal....then is like so boring kan?