Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Birthday Celebration at Gattopardo

Gattopardo has been in operation since a few months ago and it's fully booked
well done Chef Lino *clap clap clap* :))))))))

and it's a lovely place for all sorts of celebrations
we were celebrating a certain someone's super important birthday
but Monkey won't be posting any pics of it due to privacy purpose :D
rule of thumb during dinner...
no matter how superb and delicious the bread and grissinis not pile on it
there's still so much more yummy food to go
but no......everyone was gobbling down em -_-"
the sweet red prawns with caviar
we were so looking forward to it.... :)))))))))
freshly imported fr Italy
sashimi of scallops...perhaps I shouldn't call it sashimi coz that'll be japanese and it's unfair to the beautiful Italian cuisine :P

yes in Italy, they eat their seafood raw bcoz it is of extremely high quality
fr the Adriatic sea
this calzone was so yummy
anything that goes into the Stone oven sure yum yum :D
fresh chanterelle mushroom cooked with fresh pasta

pasta with bone marrow :D
was SLURP!!!!!!
rich and good yea
chinese said, if u wanna nourish your more bone marrows...kekekeke
linguine with fresh vongole :D this one was a fav for all

and chef had to cook another portion of vongole....hahahahaha
2 months ago when J&J said they already prepared something for this day
we did not expect a La Tache :D
special rare wine requires really special celebration
it has a very beautiful nose and everyone enjoyed every single drop of it
hahahhahahaah yes more precious than any gems :D
for a change we had roast beef Italian way :D
and another request fr Monkey, a rustic Italiano salad....hehehehe
medley of simple Italian desserts
this one a very good quality olive oil fr Sicily :D
aaaAAaaa still mesmerizing the wines ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
the most expensive, most SCARCEST, most aristocratic, purest wine in the world
according to Mr. Clive Coates
I can't afford this one :P
Monkey had to break her bank and arms and legs :P
*and tail*

thank u J&J for this :))))))))))))
Chef Lino & Monkey
since all the guests whom attended the event are ...ahem...high profile ppl
kenot post on the

Buongiorno Lino......we are not high profile ppl so we can be on my blog :D
si si? :)))))))))))
grazie mille for the wonderful dinner!!!!!!!
111 Canning Walk,
Fort Canning,
Singapore 178881.
Tel: +65 6338 5498

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